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The Best Acting Agencies in London

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Having good representation is essential for all actors. Having a team who knows your strengths and weaknesses could be the difference between a long and healthy career, or a one film flop! But how do you know which agencies would suit you best? Are they currently taking clients? How do you get in touch? Well, have no fear. Here is our list of the best talent agencies in London who are currently accepting new clients!

Top Acting Agents in London

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) – One of the best agencies in the world, CAA is always accepting new clients. That being said, they represent the best of the best so you better bring your A-game. If you are looking to change from a more obscure agency to a company that has the world at it’s finger tips; CAA could be perfect for you. To get in touch email [email protected]

Troika – If you want to land a role on Game of Thrones, sign with Troika. They represent the cream-de-la-creme of talent from the UK and Ireland. Troika has a relatively small roster of clients which means it might be tough to get a foot in the door. But, if you’re lucky enough to land a meeting – make it count. Their top clients include Michael Fassbender and Lena Headey To get in touch email [email protected]

William Morris Endeavour (WME) – WME much like CAA is a major international talent agency with offices in London. It’s hard to believe but they represent over 4500 clients around the world and employ over 300 talent agents. When people say “acting is a business” this is what they mean. If you’re on the books of an agency like WME you must have something special. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be in the company of talent such as Matthew McConaughey and Rachel McAdams send your showreel to 103 New Oxford St London WC1A 1DD UK or email [email protected]

Independent Talent Group – Sir. Ian, Sir. Ian, Sir. Ian. That’s right! They represent Gandalf. Along with about half the cast of both LOTR and Harry Potter. And just so you know, that doesn’t happen by accident. The best talent agencies in London, such as Independent Talent Group, will package actors together. With little side deals and financial compromises to squeeze developing clients into minor roles etc. Yes, the industry can be quiet ugly. But if you want to be on the good side of the wand, mail your stuff to Talent Department, Independent Talent Group Ltd. 40 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2RH

Curtis Brown Group – Oriana Elia ([email protected]) single-handedly represents some of the finest actors from the UK and Europe. She even looks after a couple of well known Aussies. Curtis Brown Group is one of the larger acting agencies in London. They also seem to have slightly more room on their books for developing clients. If you are looking for a solid agency option with the industry clout to take you to Hollywood and/or Bollywood check out

United Agents – Are you British? Do you want to be in something classically British? Eg. Pride and Prejudice, Outlander, James Bond…! Whether or not you answered yes to any of those questions, you probably still want to sign with United. They are without a doubt, one of the best acting agencies in London, the UK, and the world. With heaps of established artists and even more up and comers they are perfectly positioned to give your career the boost you are looking for. Send your best work (and only your best work!) to [email protected]

Conway von Gelder Grant – Benedict Cumberbatch. Do I need to say more? Seriously… Alright fine! Conway have one of the best client to staff ratios of any acting agency in London. And they represent Benedict Cumberbatch. So if you want to be really well looked after, have a close working relationship with your agent, and have an amazing career, try and sign with these guys. They’re great, despite their super obscure name… [email protected]

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