Acting Agents Sydney

Acting Agents Sydney

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This is a list of acting agents in Sydney, Australia. These are all the agents we highly recommend and trust. We haven’t supplied any contact details on purpose, and we don’t encourage bulk emailing these companies, this is simply a list to give you an idea of the industry in Sydney. For more information on finding an agent check out our page.

It can be a tough process trying to land an agent so don’t be disheartened if you get rejected or don’t hear anything back from an agent. Do your research and learn more about any prospective agent before approaching. Put together a great package, and go from there.

Best Sydney Acting Agents

United Management 

Shanahan Management 

Independent Management Company

Creative Representation

RGM Artist Group Pty Ltd

Morrissey Management

Marquee Management

Sophie Jermyn Management 

Meissner Management

Smith & MacDonald Management

GJ International Management

Sue Barnett & Associates Pty Ltd

Natalie Hall Management 

Linsten Management

Lisa Mann Creative Management (LMCM)

Atelier Management

Nicky Gluyas Management

Lee Leslie Management

Mollison Keightley Management


Gina Stoj 

Benchmark Creative

CBM Management

Liberty Artist Management 

Expression Arts Management

Sydney Acting Agents

Best Voice Agents in Sydney 

If you are looking at getting into voice over, here are the leading voice over agencies in Sydney:

#1 RMK Voices 

#2 EM Voices 

#3 Scout Management 

#4 Moore Creative Artists (Mainly based in Perth)

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3 responses to “Acting Agents Sydney”

  1. Avatar Kylash Srishanmuganathan says:

    Does it matter what agency signs you (I mean legit ones like on this list)? Like what mashes Shanahan and RGM “better” than these other agencies?

    • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

      Hi there, all these agents would be great. Of course there are slight differences between them all. If you’re being offered Shanahan and RGM, first of all thank your lucky stars, then I would just go with whoever you get along with better. Having a great relationship is really important.

  2. Avatar Michael says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I was wondering if this list was still relevant today.

    Are some agents better? Have newer agencies been climbing the ranks?

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