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Welcome to the Stage Milk Acting Podcast – Let’s Talk Acting. This podcast is hosted by Andrew Hearle and the StageMilk team. This podcast will endeavour to discuss all things acting. The podcast focuses on what the day to day life of a ‘professional’ actor trying to build a career. This podcast has been featured on iTunes Charts (No. 2 in the Performing Arts category and Top 5 in the Arts Category). If you enjoy digesting your content through the convenience of headphones, and you love acting, get stuck in.

Podcast Summary

Professional actors Andrew Hearle and the team share intimate and embarrassing details about life as an actor. Together with special guests our hosts explore the reality of working/not working in one of the toughest industries in the world. Let’s Talk Acting is an on-going serial which examine’s how to act and how to be an actor. Below are all 9 episodes of season one of the acting podcast – Let’s Talk Acting. Enjoy…

Podcast Hosts

Andrew Hearle 

Andrew Hearle


Pilot Episode

Episode 1 – Being an Actor

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Episode 2 – Catching the Acting Bug

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Episode 3 – First Film Gig

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Episode 4 – Creating Good Work

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Episode 5 – Bruce Lee

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Episode 6 – Playwriting Australia

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Episode 7 – Finding the Love

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Episode 8 – Hold me and Never let me go

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Episode 9 – Final Episode

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About the Author

StageMilk Team

is made up of professional actors, acting coaches and writers from around the world. This team includes Andrew, Alex, Emma, Jake, Jake, Indiana, Patrick and more. We all work together to contribute useful articles and resources for actors at all stages in their careers.

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    I am blown away by StageMilk and what it brings to the table of the performing arts! I am blown away!

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