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Affordable Showreels Sydney

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A showreel is an essential tool in any actor’s toolkit. Casting Director’s and Agents sift through endless lists of submissions, and without one, you will be placed at the bottom of the pile. Having a showreel at all will increase your chance of getting a response to your submission email. But in order to land a great agent and more auditions, you’re going to need a great showreel.

A great showreel showcases your voice, physicality and personality in an authentic way. It is easy to watch, no longer than 4 minutes, and includes a variety of scenes. It is not about acting your pants off, looking super attractive and having the highest of production values. Your Showreel is there to represent you in your most genuine, peak performance, to advertise what is essentially your product. The aesthetics of the footage should complement your performance, and not detract from it. This is your chance to show a casting director or agent that you can do the job they are hiring you to do. 

The StageMilk Showreel Package

Collectively, we’ve watched a tonne of actor showreels, as well as shot a whole heap of them (including our own). So we’ve become pretty familiar with what works, and what doesn’t. We also realised there was a lack of high-quality services for showreels, at affordable prices.

StageMilk Showreels are a little different from the rest. First of all, we’re actors too – we’ve been there, done that, so you’ll be guided by fellow thespians. We’re also filmmakers, so you can rest assured, your reel is going to look professional and cinematic, a breath of fresh air for agents, directors and casting directors.

Package 1: 1x scene, edited, colour-graded and sound designed.

  • 4hr shoot for a 2-minute scene
  • full edit, grade and sound design
  • high-quality files sent to you online, which you can download.

Package 2: 2x scenes, edited, colour-graded and sound designed.

  • 8 hr shoot, for 2x 2-minute scenes
  • full edit, grade and sound design + titles
  • high-quality files sent to you online, which you can download.

General Info

Crews located in Sydney only (for now).

For advice, a quote or a great showreel, email [email protected]


“I absolutely love my showreel by Indiana and the team. Working with her is a dream – she accepts nothing less than top quality, but also makes the experience fun and so comfortable so that you can capture your best work.” – Emily Richardson

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