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Auditioning Information

Audition Information

If you’ve landed here, chances are you have an audition coming up. First of all: congratulations! You might be feeling excited about the opportunity, but also a little bit nervous. And that’s okay, because auditions can be terrifying.

They’re scary things for three reasons:

  1. You have to perform and be vulnerable in front of a casting director, director, producer or all the above.
  2. You have to prepare against a strict time limit, sometimes without the benefit of a full script or any idea of who your character is.
  3. You want the role: you are an actor and so you want to be working. This pressure, alone, can make auditioning a nerve-racking experience.

Luckily, auditioning is not a talent, but a skill. This means you can learn to improve your chances of booking that once-in-a-lifetime gig. For guides, articles and resources on every aspect of the auditioning process, check out what we have to offer below:

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