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Best Acting Podcasts

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Here’s a list of some of the best acting podcasts out there, and a few tips on how to consume them – because it’s all about the experience…

1. Off-Camera with Sam Jones

Sam Jones is an incredible photographer, and that’s how he began his career, he also happens to be one of the best interviewers we’ve ever come across. You will not find any superficial questions about what diet Scarlett Johansson uses to keep in shape, or what it was like to kiss Captain America. OffCamera is a podcast that delivers in-depth, intimate, comfortable conversations with the most iconic artists of our time. We recommend listening to OffCamera Podcast on a quiet Sunday afternoon, on a bean bag, with herbal tea.

2. Another Aussie in L.A.

Brought to you by Ansuya Nathan, a fellow Aussie living in L.A. She chats to other incredibly talented and supportive Aussies about their experiences in L.A, in the industry, and what creative projects they’re working on, and they’ve all got something to say. We recommend hearing this one whilst on a brisk walk to whichever destination you choose, with a bottle of chilled, sparkling mineral water.

3. The Moment

The Moment features interviews about the pivotal moment that fuelled fascinating creative careers, hosted by Brian Koppelman. Just got 3 words for this podcast: inspiring, hilarious and super chill. We’d recommend listening to this one sitting in a park, with a strawberry milkshake, and an artsy, recycled notepad.

4. No Film School

What? But this isn’t about acting? Wrong. It’s about filmmaking, and you, friends, are a part of that process. No Film School is a great little find, they cover all things Indie Films, talk to Actors, Directors, Writers and producers, talk cinematography, film reviews, film news, film festivals and always end with Golden Pieces of Advice. These 30 minute episodes are perfect for a train, bus, ferry, car trip, with a protein shake and iMDB app at the ready.

5. Inside Acting

A weekly industry podcast for actors, by actors. Brought to you, straight from L.A. by Trevor Algatt and AJ Meijer, Inside Acting covers pretty much everything – tips and insights from actors, directors, agents, producers, writers, musicians, filmmakers and more. If you don’t mind 20 minutes of classic banter at the start of each episode, which proves to be very entertaining, then this will be music to your ears. Have your dose of Inside Acting on a Saturday morning, in bed, with smashed avo on toast, hangover is optional. 

6. BONUS: Let’s Talk Acting

Some shameless self-promotion here, in Let’s Talk Acting, Luke and Andrew share honest, intimate and embarrassing details about life as an actor. If you can’t get enough of StageMilk, here’s another way to consume our unbeatable, essential, almost holy content. We recommend you take this one with a grain of salt.

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