Best Bertolt Brecht Plays | Our 5 Favourite Bertolt Brecht Plays

Best Bertolt Brecht Plays

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Bertolt Brecht is one of the great pioneers of modern theatre. He was a poet, playwright and director. He saw theatre as a tool for change and created a unique form of theatre that’s goal was to spread ideas, rather than to entertain. Here is a list of some of his best plays.

His work can be challenging and often takes some rereading, but endure and it will be worth it. If you are ambitious to work in the theatre, you must have an understanding of Brecht’s work. It was crucial in the course of theatre in the 20th century.

Born: 10 February 1898
Died: 14 August 1956
Place of Birth: Augsburg, German Empire

A great introductory video about Brecht…

Hopefully you love Brecht’s work as much as we do. The next challenge is to pick out a monologue and explore some text. Even if it’s just an intellectual challenge, pick a monologue and learn it.

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