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Best Euripides Plays

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About Euripides…

One of the three great tragedians of Ancient Greece, Euripides has given us some of the greatest plays of all time. Medea, the number one on our list of best Euripides plays, is studied in schools throughout the world, and his works are frequently performed.

As with a lot of Greek tragedies, his plays are now performed both in in their original text, and also as the bedrock of many innovative adaptations. These grand, tragic tales are woven into the fabric of modern storytelling, and we owe Euripides and his contemporaries for their massive impact on theatre as we know it today.

Only a small proportion of his work has survived, and of the prolific playwright’s 90-odd plays, around 18 remain. Most biographic information is pieced together form rather precarious sources, and therefore like with so many great playwrights, his life remains largely a mystery.

Born: c. 480 BC
Died: c. 406 BC
Place of Birth: Salamis

Best Euripides Plays

  • 1

    431 BC

  • Electra

    c. 420 BC

  • Hippolytus

    428 BC

  • Heracles

    c. 416 BC

  • Alcestis

    438 BC

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