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Brisbane Headshot Photographers

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We’ve all had that feeling. You know the one. You wake up one day, gaze upon your acting profile and assess your “current” headshots. It’s like going through the five stages of grieving: denial of having aged at all, then anger that you’ve let it go so long without an update. You try to bargain with yourself, saying things like, “Oh they’re not that bad,” and “I totally haven’t aged in five years.” And then, suddenly, depression: you need new headshots and there’s no way around it. Wait- that’s acceptance! You did it!

This article contains a list of the best Brisbane headshot photographers. These are the perfect people to speak to if you’re looking to freshen up your acting profile or are looking to shape your image and how you present in the industry.

Before we dive in, you should check out our guide to great headshots so you know what to consider in advance and what to ask for on the day. Also, please know that we aren’t being paid to promote the names below—these are simply some great, talented photographers who may be of service to you in your acting journey. If you’re a Brisbane local (or photographer) and you’ve noticed a glaring omission, feel free to get in touch so we can add the name in question.

Matthew Swift Photography

Mathew Swift is not just a talented headshot photographer, but a talented actor as well. How is this helpful? Because having someone who has been on both sides of the camera leads to an understanding not just of what you need, but how you feel. For me, personally, I get anxious and self-conscious when it comes to headshots. And I know I’m not the only one to feel this. So having someone who can empathise with this on an actor’s level will help you bring out your best self on camera. To ensure that you get exactly what you want from the shoot, he will send out a questionnaire so he can find the best location and style to match your cartable range.

“It sounds cliche, but I try to capture the unique essence of a person … I also guarantee natural-looking images that allow those I shoot to feel confident that the person in the photo the casting director has called, looks like them.”

I have actually used Mathew’s services before, and I believe that the reason the shots looked so good was because he made me feel comfortable and relaxed so that I could then bring out my best self.

Check out more of Matt’s work at his website and Instagram.

Tyler Alberti Photographer

If you have been acting in Brisbane long enough, you’ll most likely know his name already. If not, let me introduce you to Tyler Alberti. This talented creative has been in the industry for thirteen years—not just taking killer headshots, but branded, commercial content in the marketing world, too. Despite being a photographer first and foremost, he believes in customer service and ensuring that every client leaves happy and has a product that they are satisfied with. He is as professional as he is proficient in his craft. If you are after someone to authentically capture your essence as an actor, then he’s your guy.

“In every shot I try to capture a genuine moment or interaction that doesn’t look forced or fake.”

Check out more of Tyler’s work at his website and Instagram.

Carrie McLeod

With over six years experience—and some expert training with the sensational Los Angles photographer Lily K—Carrie has been blessing actors all over the world with her incredible headshots. She gets the best shots by accommodating an open dialogue between photographer and subject, and encourages feedback during the shoot to ensure the talent gets the best value from their shots. Carrie’s advice is that actors need to remember that there will be many other actors that fit the brief you are given, so she collaborates with the talent in order to create a distinct but natural point of difference that will bring out what is distinctly you. I believe that she captures the perfect shot, not just due to her professional demeanour and technique, but because she truly cares about the human being in front of her.

“To me it’s all about the eyes and the subtleties the actor can portray in their delivery to camera.”

Check out more of Carrie’s work at her website and Instagram.

Headshots by Sheona Beach

Sheona’s work can be described as that which has soul. She entered the photography game in 1995 and has been creating fantastic shots ever since. Not only does she capture incredible headshots for actors, but she is highly skilled at corporate and dating profile portraits, too. According to her website, Sheona’s goal is not just, “…offering you a service. I am also offering a product. At the end of the day, you are receiving a potentially life-changing set of photos from me that will affect your future.” She is as professional as they come, and has the breathtaking photos to back it up.

Check out more of Sheona’s work at her website and Instagram.

Brisbane Headshots

You can’t have an article about Brisbane Headshots without mentioning Brisbane Headshots! Well, technically you could, but it would be a huge disservice. The folks at Brisbane Headshots do everything from actors to corporates shots. Heck, they’ll even do your makeup for you beforehand! They have a beautiful studio at New Farm, but can travel to location for group bookings of six or more. Oh, and did I mention their packages include in-person consultations over a tea or coffee? They are professional in every sense of the word.

Check out more of their work at their website and Instagram.

Mark Taylor – Black Glass Media

Brisbane’s G.O.A.T. (The acronym, not the animal, obviously.) Mark’s worked in the industry taking film and TV stills for over ten years, and has spent the last eights years taking spectacular headshots. Recently, he has helped create Black Glass Media right here in Brisbane. His insider knowledge is invaluable—working with everyone from casting directors to acting coaches—so he knows exactly what to do in order to make sure your headshots get you booked. His goal is to create a memorable experience, and capture the story you are telling behind your eyes. It will be hard to find any other photographer as knowledgeable, skilled, and personable as Mark Taylor.

“My mission statement is bringing professional level headshots to the working actor that aren’t going to break the bank. No matter what your experience level.”

Check out Mark’s work at Black Glass Media, as well as his own website and Instagram.

PIF Productions

Having a strong background in theatre, Ken and his team have a very personal and professional style when it comes to headshots. I can tell a PIF shot from a mile away, with the shots having unbelievable quality and always lit superbly. Another thing to love about PIF is every now and then they do a PAY WHAT YOU CAN offer for artists who can’t afford high quality headshots. This can only come from someone who has been there themselves. For every job PIF completes, they pay it forward through donating their services and parts of our profits to charities, not-for-profits, community organisations and other social enterprises. Now that’s something we can get around.

Check out more of their work at their website.

Final Tips

I know what you’re thinking. “Sam! All these photographer seem so wonderful and talented! Who do I chose?!” First of, all you’re right: they’re all awesome in their own way. Second: the question of which photographer has no clear-cut answer. It is always wise to have a think about what you want out of the session. Have a goal in mind, then have a look through their portfolios to see who might be able to bring your vision to life.

Remember that like anything in this industry, it’s a collaboration. The more ideas you bring to the table in regards to what you want and the style of shots you need for your profile, the more you will get out of the session. I know it sounds a little vague, but you should also go with the photographer whose style most reflects what you’re after. No one is better than the other, so go with the one you like the vibe of.

I hope this little list has helped! Always remember that you are a beautiful, gorgeous human being: so get out there and find a photographer who can help you show that to the world—and, most importantly, to casting directors. Good luck!

Disclaimer: All photos used are created and owned by the respective photographers and StageMilk does not take any owner ship or credit for any headshot photos featured above.

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