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Change it Up in Rehearsals

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Change it up – From a directors point of view there is nothing more refreshing than an actor who is capable of easily changing their delivery and nothing more frustrating than an actor that can’t.

Too often in an audition an actor will be asked to change their intention on a line, and it throws them. Breaking out of a mould is hard, for anyone. Solution: don’t build the mould. Quick judgments on character will dampen any growth or spark that may potentially be looming inside – never make final decisions! Every character is constantly growing and changing, they never remain still, so your line delivery and execution shouldn’t be set in stone.

Mix up how you attack each line and objective, use different tactics to get what you want. Free up your body and be able to rehearse while doing something physical – running, dancing, gardening – whatever.

Be open on the rehearsal floor and direction will become a lot easier to adapt to. Directors (and audiences) love generous actors – be proficient in offering endless choices, within them you’ll find something much more interesting than originally thought.

If a director gives you a note that you are having trouble with, you don’t always have to take it on, but the director obviously has a problem with how you’re executing the moment. If you don’t think the note will fix the problem, try something else. Directors are never 100% right, but you can help them with providing other options. Come at the moment from an entirely different angle than previously rehearsed, they’ll most likely be happy with where your going with it and probably take the credit!

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