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Your First Theatre Audition

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When auditioning for a theatre production, you will most likely have been allocated a certain time slot. This is great news as it’s safe to assume it will probably be just you, and maybe a reader or another actor, plus the director and his entourage. Theatre auditions can be scary because it’s just one step away from your dream. But turn that fear into adrenalin and exhilaration and you’ll be fine. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind for your first theatre audition.

10 Tips for your First Theatre Audition

1 – Know where you’re going

If the audition is not in an already known theatre or rehearsal room, make sure you know where you are going. Give yourself extra time to get there.

2 – Get there early

Your allocated time is precious and to be late may mean it has to be cut short. The theatre world does not look favourably on being late. Get there with enough time to let yourself breathe and mentally prepare before you walk in the rehearsal space.

3 – Look the part

Depending on the play, it is a good idea to dress for the part you play. Obviously, you’re not going to rent a period outfit for the day if you are auditioning for Charles Dickens, but a nod to the times is a nice compliment and shows the director you have been thinking about it. Make sure what you are wearing is comfortable and won’t hinder your movement.

4 – Know the play, not just the lines

There is no point in just learning your scene if you know nothing about the play or the character. Read the entire script before you audition.

5 – Research the company or creative team

Know who you are auditioning for, what kind of shows they do. Knowledge is the best tool for conversation.

6 – Be prepared to wait

All auditions have a tendency to go over time, so make sure you don’t book something in an hour after your start time. If the audition is going well you want to stay in that room and keep working.

7 – Bring water

Many actors suffer from a dry mouth and a feeling of being parched before performing. Take your own water.

8 – Find the closest toilet

Nerves can get the better of all of us, scout out the toilets in the building for emergency pre or post audition visits.

9 – Treat it as a job, not an audition

By learning the most you possibly can about the play and the production you are showing yourself to be the most prepared person. Add that to your performance skills and if you are right for the part and you are incredibly hireable. Your attitude is a big part of landing the role.

10 – Never for nothing

There will be many people going for the one role. But if you’re not right this time, it will come back again. You never know out of those people you audition for, who will like you and call you in at another time. This means it’s not worth getting too stressed about the result. Focus on doing your job and you will be seen again.

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