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Four Incredible German Playwrights

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These German playwrights have contributed a huge amount to theatre. I recommend delving into their work and getting well versed with these great German playwrights. Not only are their plays landmarks in theatre, but their theories about theatre and performance have made an indelible mark on theatre.

Brecht and Goethe are the two powerhouses in shaping theatre as we know it today. Germany remains one of the most exciting nations for theatre.

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Some other Great Playwrights by Nation

We love these kinds of lists, so we made a few. Have a look at some other great playwrights by nation. Set yourself a challenge and read all the plays over a month. Each country has a distinct style and tone.

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Let us know in a comment below who your favourite German playwright is. We love to hear from you…

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  1. Avatar Inna Syzonenko says:

    I’m more into German novellists (my favourites of all time are Lion Feuchtwanger and Erich Maria Remarque), need to educate myself extensively!!!

    What about Russian playwrights? Apart of Chekhov.

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