Headshot Tips

Headshot Tips

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Step 1. Be brutally honest.

Sorry but I don’t care how good you are at selfies or how well your mate can work his new Canon 7D – fundamentally you must get a headshot or portrait photographer to take your headshot.

Step 2. Save and search.

Save $300-$600 which you’ll need for a photographer and then find the right one for you. With regards to price, don’t necessarily assume that more expensive will equate to a better result. It’s vital that you choose someone whose style you like; so do your research. Google is your friend, so is word of mouth. Put a shout out on Facebook and ask people who they recommend.

Step 3. Know what you like.

You can show your photographer the style of photos you want. So search all over Facebook and Instagram, and screen shot every headshot that you wish was you. Any good photographer will be able to draw inspiration from the style you like and essentially replicate it to fit you.

Photo by Kate Williams

Photo by Kate Williams

Step 4. Prepare.

Get your hair looking its best. Don’t rock up to your shoot with regrowth, a bad colour or an old cut. Also, if you’re a girl, save another $150 because you want to get your makeup professionally done too. Most good photographers will have one that they trust and work with regularly, so they will be able to book one for you.

Even if you can do your makeup flawlessly you will not ever be able to make your face look as good as someone whose job it is to make people’s faces look good. Trust me, it will be the best $150 you’ve ever spent.

Step 5. Choose the right outfits.

Avoid bright fluorescent colours as they will wash the photo out and contrast too much with skin tones.Blues, greens and greys work well on everyone, as do browns. White is great on everyone, as long as it’s a fresh crisp white not a 3 year old cotton­-on t­-shirt. What I suggest you do is try to choose clothing that makes you pop e.g. colours that compliment your eyes and skin tone. Avoid plain black t­-shirts (classic drama school look) but variations in black will work – e.g. a nice tank top on a girl.

If there is an outfit you always feel like a babe in, bring it. ­You need to feel comfortable and attractive; being at ease is really important as it will read in the photos. Try to avoid patterned clothing, it’s usually distracting, as are labels or visible designs.
Layers are particularly great for guys; t­shirt under zip hoodie, under leather jacket.. Etc

For girls, casual is great, but cheap t-­shirts don’t read well. Think about blouses and dresses with nice necklines, you’ll mainly be shot from the waist up but a structured torso on a dress often reads well. Otherwise, a nice cardigan over a tank top.
Scarves are usually too bulky, and also avoid necklaces.

Step 6. The day before.

Drink a lot of water the day before, and get some exercise. You’re skin will be hydrated and you’ll sleep better from the exercise.

Step 7. On the day.

Relax. Your photographer will guide you through the experience – trust them – they know how to make you look bangin’.
Check out Kate’s site here for Sydney headshots.


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