How to Audition for Home and Away
How to Audition for Home and Away

How to Audition for Home and Away

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So you’re a huge fan of the show, maybe you’ve taken some acting classes, and now you want to sail away to Summer Bay and join the Home and Away cast! Sounds simple enough. But not many people know how to get an audition for Home and Away. Luckily, we do! You’ve come to the right place. Here are our tips on how to get an audition for Home & Away.


Getting your face onto millions of television screens in Australia and the UK isn’t easy. You need to prepare. Take some acting classes, any acting classes. It’s important to have a solid understanding of the acting process before auditioning for a major show. If you’re still in school, ask your drama teacher for some private acting lessons.

Your preparation should also include a fitness routine. Home and Away is full of incredibly fit and attractive people. So if you want to complete with some of the most glamorous actors in Australia, get fit!

A professional headshot is also a major part of the preparation process. It might cost a little bit more than you expect, but it’s your calling card; it needs to be professional!



Get an agent

If you are planning on getting an audition for Home and Away, you’re going to need an agent. Being cast in a soap like Home and Away takes more than just good looks. It takes diplomacy. Have a look at the actors union website for a list of recommended agents. If you have friends who are actors, ask for a referral to their agency. Some agents are better than others, but most are better than freelancing.


If you’ve landed on this page you probably already watch Home and Away. If you don’t – you should! Binge watch all the latest episodes to get you up to speed with what’s going on in Summer Bay.

Understanding the context of your audition scenes will give your performance detail; detail that other people’s auditions won’t have.


watching acting

Audition for Home and Away!

This is the big one. Mullinars Casting Consultants are the one and only portal to a Home & Away audition. We highly recommend contacting them through your agent. If you are freelancing don’t email and directly ask for an audition, ask for a meet and greet (AKA a “go-see”). Once you have made a connection at Mullinars, cross your fingers! That’s about all you can do 🙂 Good luck!

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30 responses to “How to Audition for Home and Away”

  1. Jack Mc Carthy says:

    Hi, my name is jack I’m from Ireland I’m 14 years old I’m used of acting in front of crowds and I would love if ye got back to me as I would the the opportunity to be on home and way thank you.

    • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

      Hi jack, it’s a tough one as you are outside of Australia, but this article should be a good help.

    • Hannah Jones says:

      Hi I’m Hannah I’m 14 years old from Victoria I love watching ‘Home and Away’ and has always been a dream of mine to get on the show. Would they ever consider me because I’m short, don’t have absolutely clear skin and can’t surf????????

      • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

        Hey Hannah, there are no set rules for who can get on Home and Away. Follow the steps here, train and work on what you can control.

  2. Skye says:

    Hi my name is Skye, I’m 16 in 4 months I’m very confident with my acting in front of large amounts of people and very people friendly I live in QLD Australia. I would love for you to get back to me as a young and possibly being in home and away is my passion

  3. Dannielle Tracey says:

    Hey my name is Dannielle, I’m from Adelaide and would love the opportunity to be on home and away, it’s my favourite tv show!

    • Tim says:

      Hey, i’m from Adelaide too. Best thing to do is follow the article. Contact some casting agents in Adelaide. There are plenty out there! and speak to your agent about auditioning. The agent should be able to set up an audition meet for you. Best of luck!

  4. Kaylah says:

    Hi this helps a lot I’m auditioning for a part thanks xx

  5. Jaime says:

    Hi Jaime Brooks I’m from Mornington and would love the opportunity to be
    Home and away, its my favourite show

  6. Josie says:

    Hello, my name is Josie and I am 16. I am interested to know where do they castings take place as I am from Western Australia. I am a confident person and is willing to take the risk in acting on Australia’s top show Home and Away.
    Thank you.

  7. Valy says:

    Hi my name is Valy, I’ll be 13 in 1 month and I’m really confident with my acting in front of a large amount of people. I have visited Summer Bay more than once since I live in New South Wales & I haven’t missed a episode since 2011. Home And Away is an amazing TV show and I would appreciate if you got back to me.

  8. Valy XO says:

    Hi my name is Valy, I’ll be 13 in 1 month and I’m really confident with my acting in front of a large amount of people. I have visited Summer Bay more than once since I live in New South Wales & I haven’t missed a episode since 2011. Home And Away is an amazing TV show and I would appreciate if you got back to me.

    • Naomi says:

      Just give up I did a audition and they said that they don’t need any one in their teens their looking for kids in primary and old age sorry who ever reads this

      • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

        Great job auditioning. It can take many auditions before you secure a place on the show. They are always changing what they are looking for. If you have an agent who can get you in the room then be patient.

  9. Catherine Smith says:

    Hi my name is Catherine smith I am 16 and would love to be on home and away I am currently livening in Japan but will move back soon any ideas

  10. Nicholas says:

    Hi My Name is Nicholas Ferraro. I’m 19 years old. I’M a YouTuber so I have a lot of experience in front of a camera & in front of crowds. I also live In Australia,NSW. Please Get back to me!!

  11. Paul O'Toole says:

    Hi, I’m Paul and I’m also from Ireland. Home and Away is a huge show here. I think it’s been aired here since the very start! I’m visiting the great land down under for a month in a years time and would dearly love if I could audition for a small part, maybe as an extra in the Diner or Surf Club? Or maybe there’s another route to become an extra on H&A that you know of? Any help would be really appreciated.

  12. Maddy Ross says:

    Hi my name is Maddy Ross, 14 and I am an aspiring actor and would love the opportunity to be a cast member on home and away.

  13. Chloe Edwards says:

    Hi I’m Chloe and I love watching home and away I’m 11 years old. I’m great at acting and I used to take an acting class and drama, I follow all of home and away accounts of Instagram but anyway, I think I would be really good on home and away and acting on home and away. I leave in ,Sydney, Australia, choose me please.

  14. Biancca says:

    Hi my names Biancca knowles
    I’m 23 and from Newcastle nsw
    I’m a strong confident mum of two and would love a change to my career acting would be a great change I love home and away
    I haven’t acted in frount of a large crowed only back in the day when I was at school I had a few drama acts I’ve done a lot of dancing in my past years as well
    I’m easy to get along with and love to meet new people
    Let me know of anything going with home and away as I always put 110% in everything and everything I wish to do

  15. Trev from woy woy says:

    Hi my names trevor, but mi mates call me trev, i reckons id play a good a crim on home and away, coz im born and bred woy woy, and defo look the part. Holla back if u wanna give me an audition or if u wanna smoke a bowl.

  16. Hi my name is Rebecca I’m 18 years and 3months old I’m a good actor I did drama in High School and I absolutely love Home and Away and would love to audition for 2018.

    • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment. The reality is that it’s hard to get an audition without an agent. So I would either approach some agents or else do some further training and then look at getting rep after you are feeling more confident as an actor.

  17. Stephen says:

    Hi my name is Stephen I’m 13 and i want to be come a scooter so if u could think of it it would be good

  18. Jordarn vale says:

    Hello my Jordarna I used actin at school and I audition for home and away for 2018

    • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

      Hi, that’s great you were a fan of acting at high school. I also loved high school drama. The next step would be to continue to develop your acting and look at getting representation. More on getting an agent.

  19. Julia La-Fernandez says:

    I’m with an agent and I would love an opportunity to share and learn new skills on H&A. As an Islander and mature actress would you be casting any of my characters in the future? If so I’d love an opportunity. I’m based in Sydney and available to work.
    Thank you kindly

    • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

      Hi Julia, Mullinars who are responsible for casting Home and Away are a great casting company. They are always trying to help cast Home and Away that is more diverse and represents the multicultural country we live in.

      I would recommend working on your acting skills and expressing interest to your agent. It may take years before a role comes up, but hold in there.

  20. Hello, my name is Serena. I am 17 years old, I live in qld Australia and would love to create a career in acting.

    • Andrew Hearle Andrew Hearle says:

      Hi Serena, I have added you to our community. We have many paths to help you have an acting career. To begin I would recommend finding an acting class in your city!

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