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How to Beat your Audition Nerves

Tomorrow is the day of your big audition! You’ve done all the work. You’ve dissected the script like a forensic pathologist performing an autopsy. You’ve found the beats, pauses, silences… The laughs, the tears, the x-factor. You. Are. Ready. And now… The nerves kick in!

Here are 5 quick and dirty tips for beating your audition nerves.

1 Know yourself.

If doing a thousand hours of preparation makes you nervous… don’t do it! If doing a thousand hours calms you down… do it! Sometimes actors fall into the trap of holding onto a method that doesn’t serve them. If you’re nervous in every audition, it might be because of the way you prepare. Try mixing things up for your next audition and see if that helps get rid of those nasty nerves!

2 Focus on the work

It’s easy to lose focus in an audition. You can get caught up in trying to remember everyone’s names and forget why you’re there. You’re job is to show your version of the character to the director and producers. Be nice (professional even!) and focus on the work!


3 Stop trying to please everyone

Trying to please people will ruin your creative instincts! If you ever change your choices because “That’s what the director wants to see”; STOP. It could make you nervous, because it takes you away from your natural impulses. Stay true to your creative self and your talent will shine. You just have to hope someone notices!

4 It’s not about you!

Seriously… it’s not! One reason you might be nervous in auditions is because you’re focussing on yourself; how you look, sound, smell… The audition room is a creative (and often commercial) space for developing characters and telling stories. It’s not about your anxiety or ego. Like many other things in life, it’s better to lose yourself in the acting and forget about your insecurities.

5 Be 110% yourself

…and your character of course! Never apologise for being you. Especially if you apologise all the time (don’t say sorry for saying sorry…). You are unique and important and special. Trying to be something you are not is a recipe for an unhappy career, so give it up! Being yourself shouldn’t make you nervous, and if it does, re-read number 4 and see a psychologist 😉


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Luke (StageMilk Team)

is trained as an actor at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He is now a professional actor based in Sydney, Australia. He recently finished working with Mel Gibson on his upcoming feature, Hacksaw Ridge.

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