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How to Improve your Voice in 30 Seconds

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Why is Voice Work is Important

Voice is one of the fundamentals of acting. I remember when I was starting out as an actor I was confused about what “voice work” meant for actors. We’re not singers after all. Aren’t we just talking? Surely this is my voice, and that’s the end of it?

The answer is yes. We have a voice. One voice. It’s a voice that is infinitely unique and special, and constantly evolving. When our voice is open and comfortable, as it should naturally be, it’s an incredible thing. The problem is that life can get us down, it’s tough out there. It can stop us standing tall, and make our voice higher or thin. It can make us shrink away, and cause our voices’ to loose depth, clarity and direction. Why is it that a baby can fill a restaurant, or plane without any strain, and we often can’t be heard ordering a coffee?

The best way to think about voice, is about finding what is already there. Unlocking tension and strengthening areas that have grown weak with inaction, or fear. The best way to begin this process of letting go, is to warm up. Vocal warm ups help us loose tension and strengthen our voices. Articulation exercises can also be great to push our voice and get our lips and tongues working optimally. Have a look at the pages above and get into a routine of warming up regularly. Practice singing and using your voice in more demanding ways.

If you want a great quick exercise to help improve your voice in 30 seconds check out our video below. Gabrielle Rogers is a former NIDA coach and one of the leading voice teachers in the world today. She shares a great exercise to help unlock your voice:

How to Improve you Voice in 30 Seconds [Video]

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