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Learning Lines Quickly

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So your running out of time to learn your lines, or you’re sick of taking days to memorise your lines and want to start learning lines quicker. How do you get them in your head without spending days and countless hours of repetition? Here are some thoughts on learning lines quickly:

Make a friend

The absolute best way to learn lines quickly is to get a friend. A hard-nut that won’t let you off the hook and who will dedicate some serious hours to help get you over the line. Push yourself when you’re working together. Get one line. Then the next. Then try both. Continue like that until the damn thing is locked in your memory. (Remember to return the favour. These are important friends)


Remember a good night sleep will help solidify lines. I have gone to bed knowing 70% of my lines and woken up perfect. If you’re cramming, your brain needs room to process it all. So don’t make the stupid mistake of staying up all night, that will make you scattered and be counterproductive. It was also means you look terrible in the audition.

Capitalise on time

Okay, so maybe you’re commuting to work, or cleaning the dishes, you need to always have a copy of the script near at hand. Another cheat is to record your lines on your phone and play them back as you’re doing mindless activities. Record the lines without too much inflection or you will get locked into patterns.

Be honest

At the end of the day, auditions aren’t a memory contest. And directors, and casting director’s are usually aware if you’ve only had a limited time to learn the script. If you’re not 100% confident with your lines, ask if they mind if you keep script there just for a reference. Sometimes having it there will give you confidence.

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