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London Headshot Photographers

If you’re in London, and in need of some headshots, here are our recommendations!

Nick James

Nick James is a photographer for actors. His “mug shots” are beautiful. I love the way Nick uses soft, diffused light, it works great for all skin types and really achieves a natural, effortless look for his clients. Nick comes highly recommended by the top agents in London. 

Pricing: 2x packages available – £295 and £400 (students and returning clients get a small discount off this price)

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Alan Howard

“I shoot bold, modern, cinematic headshots with an emphasis on character and connection. I capture drama, intensity and warmth.” Alan Howard’s work is unique and he seems to capture actors in a relaxed state, making for very intriguing images.

Pricing: £200 and £300 packages, as well as a £150 package option where you share your session with another actor (which makes for great savings!)

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The Headshot Pro

The Headshot Pro is spearheaded by photographer, Craig Greenslade. With over 20 years experience in the field, Craig is one of the best options for headshots in the city. We recently sent along one of our StageMilk coaches and writers to get a session with Craig, and the results were incredible. You can check out below Jack Crumlin’s full review and the final shots. All the photographers on our lists are vetted to make sure that you can book in with confidence.

StageMilk Review (Jack Crumlin): My headshot session was really great! Craig was a real professional and the whole process was seamless. He made the environment for shooting very friendly and relaxed, which allowed me to feel comfortable. The results were great, too. I’m super happy with the shots (as you can see below). We captured several different looks for me and my agent to consider. This is so great when a headshot photographer goes above and beyond! I would definitely recommend particularly for actors early on in their career for some strong options for first headshots.

London Headshots


Roberto Vivancos

Roberto is a photographer, and actor with over fifteen years of experience specialising in the areas of headshot and commercial photography. He not only produces great headshots in studio and on location, but he also works in stills photography, film posters and editorial work. His style is bold and cinematic, sure to showcase you looking your natural best!

Pricing: multiple packages ranging from £90 to £325.

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Claire Newman-Williams

I love Claire’s aesthetic – I think she is a very talented photographer, adept at capturing actors at their best, relaxed, selves. Her images are striking and super professional. You won’t be disappointed!

Pricing: not advertised.

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Michael Wharley

If you’re after something dramatic and cinematic, Michael Wharley is your guy. His shots are eccentric – it’s clear he works with the actor and takes images which enhance their style and look, instead of a stock standard approach for all.

Pricing: £390

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Kim Hardy

Clients have said that Kim Hardy is great at understanding international markets, in particular the American market, and his attention to detail is greatly appreciated. Hardy’s photographs tend to have an intense, modern and cool feel.

Pricing: standard package is £295, creative package is £345 and premium package is £395 (with student rates for all).

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John Clark

Simple, professional and consistently great looking headshots. As far as a more affordable alternative goes, John Clark is your go-to.

Pricing: £250 per session

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Henry Harrison

Harrison is known for his simple, contemporary shots. He is affordable, so perfect if you’re on a budget.

Pricing: 1x package will set you back £145.

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Vanity Studios

If you’re on a budget, Vanity Studios is a solid option. They specialise in family portraits, corporate headshots as well as actor headshots. Whilst you might not achieve the cinematic, unique feel as some of the others on this list, you can still achieve a great shot.

Pricing: sessions for £125 or £195.


NOTE: All the images included on this page are my the respective photographers. We have attributed this in the headings and linked to their work. 

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