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So you’re way out west and wanting to sharpen up your acting chops, but maybe you’re not too keen on studying full time or over the course of a few years. This list is designed to point you in the right direction for acting classes that cater for intermediate to advanced actors looking to keep their acting tools sharp.

Note: if you are looking for a more substantial, full-time program, the leading acting school in Perth is WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts). This is a fantastic program, and one of the leading drama schools in Australia, but it is an intensive, three year course that is very competitive to get into.

The Actors Hub

While The Actors Hub does offer full time, three year courses for actors, they also offer year round, subscription based class called ‘The Gym’. Which is for intermediate to advanced professional actors, as well as masterclasses if you’re wanting to focus on something specific.

Course Length: Year Round
Price: $4000 Per Year

The Hub Studio

The Hub has a great reputation for providing accessible and professional actors training and continued development. At the moment the Perth Studio currently is offering one time Masterclasses but keep your eyes peeled for when they bring their ensemble program to Perth!

Course Length: Average of 6-8 weeks
Price: Approx. $300-400

Perth Film School

Perth Film School offers a range of differing classes catering to all skill levels. For the advanced actor they offer an advanced acting short course that takes place over a couple of weeks, as well as one on one private coaching.

Course Length: 4 weeks/1 day
Price: Short Course/$450 Coaching/$200

WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts)

Even though I mentioned above that WAAPA is mainly a full time program, they do offer a few options for shorter courses. Their main offering is a 1 year intensive course called “Screen Performance“. It is similar to the course offered at NIDA and gives students a high quality screen training, without the pressures of the three year program.

Course Length: 1 year full time

Shakespeare with Sarah

Finally, Sarah Guillot is an incredible acting coach and Shakespeare teacher based in Perth. She offers courses and coaching and is a great option, particularly if you are working specifically on classical texts for an upcoming drama school audition.

Course Length: Varies on package

Perth Voice Over Course 

If you are looking for a specific voice over course, the course offered by Collective Sound is our pick in Perth. Headed up by Andrew Hearle, the CEO of StageMilk, this is one of the best ways to learn more about the Perth VO industry. This course only happens a few times per year, so make sure to join the waiting list.

Course Length: Weekend
Course Price: Visit page

StageMilk Perth Voice Over Course (Waiting List Open)

We have just launched the waiting list for our Perth weekend voice over course. You can now join the waiting list directly through StageMilk! Run by StageMilk founder Andrew Hearle and top VO teachers, this one is not to be missed!

Course Length: Weekend
Course Price: Visit page


Whether you’re wanting to hone your craft in preparation for drama school auditions, wanting to get started, or simply keep your acting skills sharp, this list should be a great starting point for some of the best acting classes in Perth! If you have any recommendations, or insights, don’t hesitate to get in touch (we always love improving and refining these local lists).

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