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When Does Pilot Season Start in New York?

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Pilot Season in New York starts at the same time as everywhere else. In general that is between mid January and the start of February. Some pilots cast outside of this time frame, depending on their budget and shoot location.

What is pilot season?

Pilot season is when television networks are developing their new shows for the year. The first episode or the test episode of a series is known as the pilot episode. If audiences and executives respond well to a pilot, the network will generally fund the first season of 8-10 episodes. It’s a risk mitigating process that allows television networks to try new shows without fully committing the time and money it takes to produce a whole series.

Why is pilot season so good?

There are heaps more auditions during pilot season than any other time of the year. Actors have varying access to pilot auditions depending on their location, representation, price-tag, and experience.


Pilot Season Success

How should I prepare?

Before moving interstate to spend pilot season in New York get local representation. Freelancing during pilot season is a huge waste of time. You need a team of people on your side to get you pilot auditions. Pilot season is hectic and you can’t do it on your own. Make sure you update your headshot, resume, and showreel before you approach agents.

You should also read our self-taping equipment guide in case you’re asked to self tape!

Being based in New York will give you greater access to pilot auditions than say Houston, Sydney or London, but LA is the place to be during pilot season. Even if a series is shooting in New York, the lead roles will be cast nationally/internationally.

Get yourself an agent or a manager and go for it this pilot season!

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