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Show Us Your Work!

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We get hundreds of emails from actors around the world wanting to audition for major TV shows and films. They want to be famous, and they want it now. We usually encourage these actors to focus on training, to work in their local scene and not get too caught up in those big goals! But recently we’ve started a new approach. If I get an email from an actor who wants to be on a hit TV show I ask to see there work. I ask for a showreel, or a self tape, or any thing! And guess what? No-one has ever got back to me.

So you want to be a successful actor? Show us what you got.

We’re inviting you to show us your work. No fees, no hidden agenda. We want to challenge you to actually do the work and stop looking for the easy path. (Because there certainly isn’t any easy path in the acting world).

What to submit?

We are accepting scenes, monologues and showreels. Ideally we would love to see a new piece of work, recorded at home.

#1 Monologues.

This is the easiest option. You can record it at home with a smart phone or laptop and you’re good to go. It doesn’t have to be one you’ve done before. If you are struggling to find a monologue check out these resources:

Monologues for MenĀ 

Monologues for Women

#2 Scenes

Film a short scene with a friend. You can either do this as a self tape (example below) or as an actual scene, if you can get some mates together.

How to Film Your Scene

#3 Showreel

Do you have a showreel? This is what you should be sending to agents and casting directors. It’s your most valuable asset as an actor. If you don’t have any recent work to send us, then send through a link to your showreel.


No excuses. We are not giving extensions, or bending these rules for anyone. The industry doesn’t care if your dog ate your script, so don’t bother sending us your excuses.

#1 Submissions must be in by April 11th

#2 Submissions must be via Youtube. Ideally the link is public, but you can also send us a private link with a password.


What we want to see?

#1 You. No accents, no impressions. Give us you.

#2 Bold choices. Make some decisions with the monologue or scene you choose.

#3 Quality. Make sure you can be seen and heard in your submission. A smart phone recording is fine, but try to get some reasonable light and don’t have the dog barking through your video.


Submit Your Work

Once you’ve filmed your work, submit through the form below…

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is the founder of StageMilk.Com. Andrew trained at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, and is now a Sydney-based actor working in Theatre, Film and Television.

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