Horoscope Series: The Scorpio Actor | Are you a Scorpio?

Horoscope Series: The Scorpio Actor

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Scorpios are greatly known for their intensity, vengefulness and profound shagging abilities. Fortunately for Scorpio actors, this translates into making some of the most formidable acting forces in both cinema and theatre history. Sarah Bernhardt, Vivien Leigh, Richard Burton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster and Ryan Gosling are all Scorpios. If you were in an acting scene or just happily enjoying your gelato, and the eyes and attention of a Scorpio actor decidedly zoomed in on you, a weird uncomfortable feeling will soon come over you and you will quickly double-check if you are still wearing clothes or not. You are still fully clothed, your gelato has melted, a dog has come into the picture but what just happened? That is the Scorpio acting power, magnetism and intensity. 

It’s not easy being a Scorpio nor a Scorpio actor, no one will ever understand your depths of the emotions and feelings you live in. And that’s because not many can reach it (except for your water colleagues Pisces and Cancers). You can’t really ask a duck to go deep ocean diving. And the truth is no one really wants to either, it’s dark down there! But you Scorpio are not afraid of depths or the dark parts of human nature, that is actually where you are most at home sauntering around on the ocean floor in your fluffy black stilettos. European dramas!  Academy nominated scripts! Daniel Day-Lewis’ character repertoire! These are your cup of whisky. Give you a rom-com and you might puke. Most other acting star signs need to dig or put themselves through daily negative affirmations to get into these characters, but you Scorpio, you just slip into it like a silky satin crimson nightgown and off you go to the party.

You are Wuthering Heights, you are Fatal Attraction, you are that love scene with the boat in the rain from the NoteBook, you are Black Widow in the Marvel Universe and you are also a mistakenly shirtless Gerald Butler wading through the waters of the underground caverns in the final heartbreaking scenes of Phantom of the Opera*. Yes, you are darn sexy as hell too. (*Fact: Gerard Butler is a Scorpio).

The truth is that no one is able to express the depths of love on screen or stage as you can. No one can express heartbreak or pain or the conviction of loving something or someone to the extent that all that is left is to be incinerated together. And if they refuse your love, you will probably try to destroy them. And then die with them. And then you will probably and dramatically rise out of the ashes and be reborn. Now, do we all understand why no one wants to ask you out for fish tacos on Tuesday night? Anyway, Scorpio, don’t be offended, you didn’t want to go out anyway, and don’t pretend shallowness of any kind doesn’t bore you.

Scorpio actors can access their emotions by the thought of a hat. If you are a Scorpio, emotions are your acting superpower (same goes for any Taureans reading this). You don’t do anything half-heartedly. You just can’t. You do it more than just your whole heart — you do it with the feeling of your mind, your hair, your soul, and probably some of your genitals too. When you love you love, when you give your heart, you give your heart, when you melt you…actually you don’t melt (that’s Pisces), you do the melting and then some. To act across or watch a Scorpio actor in their full capacity is an experience to behold. It’s like watching a car crash, but it’s not a car crash, but a car going at full-on crash speed and then suddenly do a powerful synchronized turn mid-air and then land the whole scene like a black swan. And the craziest thing, you probably could do it 10 more times. That’s how you roll, baby, you’re the human batmobile of acting.

Being so misunderstood and so mostly alone at the bottom of the ocean watching reruns of Dexter, you really do long for connection and to be understood. And thus when meeting a like-feeling project or role or friend, you are loyal, committed and dedicated. So any directors reading this — please treat Scorpios and their power with the utmost responsibility, love and care. Scorpio may have vampire traits, but they are also human too, maybe more so. And Scorpio, if your director is really pushing you to unnecessary places and basically being around door handle disguised as art, you have permission to use your Scorpio sting and swim off to more worthy oceans. You are a nuke, don’t place it in the wrong leader’s hands.

Incorporating Astrology Traits into Your Character Making

Newton was too busy with his science to realise that his first law of motion also applied to human beings around him as well – a human being at rest will be at rest, unless applied by an external force like an alarm clock. In a general sense, human beings tend to be who they are – our character traits and cuisine preferences don’t really change that much over time. And as actors we most of the time play within the range and mood of who we are and get cast that way. 

It’s worked great for Joaquin Phoenix – watch, feel and experience him. Joaquin is a Scorpio and the natural Scorpio traits he brought to Commodus in Gladiator – obsession, intensity, loyalty, jealousy, ambition, stubbornness, focus, and Arthur Fleck in The Joker – the longing for connection, loyalty, intensity, destructiveness, extreme emotions, creating characters that are tangible, alive, specific, powerful and left an indelible mark on us viewers – you could almost smell and taste his Joker (definitely needs a shower). So playing in the range and being really good at who you are is not a bad thing, it’s a great thing! Take yourself out on a creative date and take advantage of yourself. The full extent of who you are can lead to genius, new art and maybe even accolades to bookmark your door. 

But of course, despite having a chicken pad thai most nights of the week, our soul does secretly lean towards more. We are artists, actors and curious human beings after all and our nature is to keep expanding. It’s how the world moves forward and how Thai pineapple fried rice was discovered after the Pad Thai. We will never be satisfied if we see ourselves as an HB pencil or someone who is always playing the girl next door or the corporate bitch. We go see movies, read books, listen to music, love stories, date the wrong people, date the right people, get addicted to the internet, sign up to Masterclasses, collect podcast playlists, move cities, change jobs because of this more. Being actors this is part of the gift we live and bring, straddling reality and creation – we come to light on stage and the sunrise on set with the journeys, adventures and the movement of the human spirit and the discovery of our deeper hearts in all these stories we watch and play because we all know that we are already that more.

Where does astrology come into this? Astrological traits are basic human traits, and human traits make up a character. The whole 12 signs of the zodiacal chart if you look at it from a different perspective is really a smorgasbord all-you-can-eat buffet of human traits and feelings that can help you expand your acting range and help you create unique characters. Astrology is a laboratory for human feelings and actions. One of the reasons why Meryl Streep is such a great actor is the way she pitches and changes her mood with ease- a whole different character emerges in every movie. She is a Scorpio in The Devil Wears Prada, a Taurus or Cancerian in The Bridges of Madison County, a Leo in Julie and Julia. Meryl is like a mad chef at the buffet table having fun.

So how do we effectively apply and inhabit new traits for ourselves and character work? By doing it gently, easily and playfully. All these astrology traits are like pieces of clothing. Just try them on with ease and swish swoosh around to see how they feel with the character you are creating. It’s that easy and you do not have to have sleepless nights nor lose any morsel of self-worth over it. In a way, it is similar to Method acting as you are getting into the new rhythm and atmosphere, but less dehydrating on your well-being. If the shoe doesn’t fit, cutting off a toe will just make you toeless. Be like Meryl, have fun with it. It will work out for you, I promise.

So there you go good people. You may or may not believe in astrology nor true love, but the idea of their existence can add so much color, fun and possibilities to your characters and life. Consistent practise and first-hand experience is how we discover new truths in our art. So for the purpose of expanding the art of performance, I feel it’s about time someone tested the truth of Scorpio’s profound shagging abilities. 

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