Your First Television Casting | What to Expect at Your First TV Casting

Your First Television Casting

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Hundreds of actors go for castings every week. It can often be a real in-and-out, quick as you can, production line of people and faces, but take a breath and read these 10 tips to make your first television casting as pleasurable as possible. When you are relaxed and having fun you will do your best work, which means you will make a good impression and be seen again by the casting director.

10 Tips for your First Television Casting

1 – Learn your lines

This is a no-brainer: if you go in not knowing your lines, and wasting their time, they’ll cross you off immediately. Don’t stress if you forget a line, it’s not a memory test. But if your reaching for lines and struggling they will see that and you won’t come across well.

2 – Get there early

You’ll need to fill out some forms at reception, so make sure you have a moment to do this before you call time. Get there early.

3 – Look the part

Dress as if you were the character, but don’t go too far. At least show off some tones and appropriate pieces of clothing of the character you are playing. More on what to wear to an audition.

4 – Make sure your parking is paid for

Sounds silly, but it’s a hugely common issue. Most casting agents will be located in the city or inner suburbs where street parking is rife! Pay the meter, and make sure you know what time it’s up so you can top it up if you are delayed. Parking tickets are the worst!

5 – Be prepared to wait

Even though they can be relatively fast paced. When a casting agency gets behind it can throw the whole day, so be prepared to wait. Bring a book, or your phone and don’t get stressed about it, it’ll only affect your performance.

6 – Make nice with reception

Do not underestimate the power of friendliness. Even to the receptionists, she’ll remember you!

7 – Ask the right questions

If you do have any questions about the text that need answers, make sure you ask them before you begin. This doesn’t make you look unprepared or stupid. They like answering questions. It shows you’ve thought about the character.

8 – Hit your mark

Usually, there’s a spot, or a cross taped to the ground in front of the camera. It’s important to hit this, as you may not be in focus otherwise, and whoever is operating the camera won’t be working around you.

9 – Take the direction

Taking direction from the casting agent or director is the only true way to show them if you are listening, and that you can change.

10 – It’s not you, it’s them

A lot of the time in TV castings they are looking for a certain look or type. Have this and you are already on the short list, but often that is why you are called in the first place. If you don’t get the job, often its because you didn’t look right, or a million other reasons, not because you couldn’t act. More on what to do after an audition. 

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Your First TV Casting

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