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Toronto Acting Agents

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This list is not exhaustive, just a few of the acting agencies we researched and came across in Toronto, Canada.

Paradigm Talent Agency

Paradigm Talent Agency is a large agency with branches all across the world – Los Angeles, New York, Monterey, Nashville, Austin, London, Berkeley, Chicago and Toronto. Paradigm provides global representation to a diverse and dynamic roster of artists and content creators across all media channels. With over 140 agents, and over 2,000 clients – Paradigm are one of the largest agencies in the world.
“For the art. For the artist.”

Clients: Frances Conroy | Tom Payne | Rosa Salazar | Molly C. Quinn | Travis Fimmel | Yvonne Strahovski | Kira Kosarin | Holland Roden | Emily Procter | Annet Mahendru |

The Characters Talent Agency

The Characters Talent Agency as branches in both Vancouver and Toronto, representing 1,300+ actors with 28 Talent Agents to look after them. Another big agency, with lots of experience and industry connections. They represent some great working actors such as Tatiana Maslany, Avan Jogia, and Donald Sutherland.

Clients: Laysla De Oliveira | Mena Massoud | Lauren Holly | Avan Jogia | Lindy Booth |Vincenzo Natali | Tatiana Maslany | Donald Sutherland | Tia Carrere | Katharine Isabelle |

Meridian Artists

Based in both LA, and Toronto, Meridian represent 246 artists, managed by 7 agents across both locations. They are an established leader in the representation and management of Actors, Screenwriters, Directors, Authors and Key Creatives.

Clients: Jayne Heitmeyer | Craig Olejnik | Paul Sun-Hyung Lee | Lilah Fitzgerald | Mark Lutz | Lisa Codrington | Amber Goldfarb | John Hemphill | Daniella Evangelista | Stefan Brogren

Talent House

Talent House represent a prominent roster of Theatre/Musical Theatre, Film, Television, Youth, Commercial, Voice Over and Creatives talent, with 7 agents/managers and 300+ actors between them. It appears that Talent House represent a lot of Theatre and Musical Theatre actors.

Clients: Melissa O’Neil | Carlos Valdes | Nicole Power | Bailey De Young | Jennifer Cody |Sydney Meyer | Tessa Mossey | Donna Lynne Champlin | Tonya Pinkins | Karen Holness |


GGA was founded by Gary Goddard but it now currently run by Pam Winter and Kishwar Iqbal. This boutique agency is well-known as a home for many of Canada’s top actors, writers and directors, including Stephen Amell of CW’s Arrow.

Clients: Annie Murphy | Stephen Amell | Brittany Allen | Eric Johnson | Cara Gee | Raoul Max Trujillo | Luke Kirby | Hannah Emily Anderson | Dani Kind | Noah Reid 

Amanda Rosenthal Talent Agency (ART)

Amanda Rosenthal Talent Agency is a boutique agency representing actors for film, television, theatre, voice, animation and commercials. They have offices in both Toronto and Montreal. Their 4 agents represent 181 actors.

Clients: Martha MacIsaac | Michael Cera | Kaniehtiio Horn | Diego Klattenhoff | Keir Gilchrist | Kelly Kruger | Cindy Sampson | Steve Lund | Andrew W. Walker | 

Fountainhead Talent

Fountainhead represent over 250 actors in Film, TV, Theatre and Voiceover.

Clients: Shay Mitchell | Greta Onieogou | Joe Dinicol | Erik Knudsen | Steve Byers |Heather Doerksen | Ashley Leggat | Katie Lunman | Helena Marie | Melody Johnson

Ambition Talent

Started in July, 2006, by David Ritchie, Ambition represents actors, directors & writers in the Film, Television, Commercial, Voice and Theatre market in North America. They acts as an agency in Canada and double as a management company in the US. The company has just under 100 clients based in Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles.

Clients: Melanie Scrofano | Jordana Lajoie | Dominique Provost-Chalkley | Jocelyn Hudon | Jessica Sipos | Eliana Jones | Nick Bateman | Kiana Madeira | 

AMI Artist Management

AMI represent 212 actors for film, television, live theatre, voice-over and animation, with their base location in Toronto.

Clients: Amy Forsyth | Jake Epstein | Ana Golja | Addison Holley | Millie Davis | Spencer Macpherson | Zachary Bennett | Alexander Eling | Christian Martyn | Lola Tash 

Creative Drive Artists

Creative Drive represent some great working actors in Canada and the US, with 125+ actors and 4 agents to manage them.

Clients: Rachel Skarsten | Emily Hampshire | Jessica Paré | Rachel Wilson | Sarah Gadon |Lauren Lee Smith | Anna Hopkins | Charlotte Sullivan | Julia Knope | 

Hero Artists

“Our artists are our Heroes.” A Boutique agency with just 140 actors between 4 staff, Hero Artists have offices in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Clients: Kamilla Kowal | Dennis Andres | Alice Amter | Sheila Shah | Joel Gagne | Lovina Yavari | Stephannie Hawkins | Melissa Cultraro | Keara Graves | Zahra Anderson

Butler Ruston Bell

With 120 clients, and 6 staff, Butler Ruston Bell is a boutique agency based in Toronto with departments devoted to film and television, to commercials and voice, and to theatre.

Clients: Tyler Hynes | Sadie Munroe | Dempsey Bryk | Jefferson Brown | Stefan Brogren |Ana Sani | Johanna Black | Bernard Robichaud | Anjelica Scannura | Jessica Clement

Oldfield Talent Management

Seems like a small dedicated team of 4 agents, managing over 200 actors in Canada.

Clients: Mat Fraser | Kenneth Mitchell | Sitara Hewitt | Jenessa Grant | James Cade |Pat Kelly | Chantal Craig | Ayisha Issa | Andrew Phung | Helena Marie

Ritter Talent Agency

Ritter represent a diverse group of both Union and Non-Union actors that are working in all areas of the industry (Television, Film, Commercials, Theater and Print). 90 actors, with 3 agents.

Clients: Boomer Phillips | Charlie David | Neil Affleck | Chris Gleason | Jennifer Willis |Mihály Szabados | Brian Christopher | Megan Black | Alex Bird | Maya Ritter 

Parent Management

Louise Parent along with Barb Godfrey represent a small group of 60 clients who work in all areas of the entertainment industry in Canada and internationally.

Clients: Michelle Mylett | Lauren Ash | Zoie Palmer | Amanda Brugel | Joshua Close | Kate Corbett | Cory Lee | Inga Cadranel | Lisa Ray | Michael D. Cohen

Integral Artists

5 staff, 160+ actors – including prominent actors in film, television, theatre, and voice over; some of Canada’s leading screenwriters, showrunners, directors and producers. Integral is also a leading firm in the production talent arena representing various key crew members such as line producers, cinematographers, editors, production designers, costume designers, hair and make-up.

Clients: Ali Liebert | Evan Goldberg | Rob Grant | April Mullen | Danishka Esterhazy |Christie Will Wolf | Lanette Ware | Benjamin Ratner | Adam Kane | Marita Grabiak 

Edna Talent Management

With 7 staff, and 162 clients, Edna represent performers in every category, including film, television, theatre, commercials, industrials, animation, and narration. They also have a French-speaking division on their books.

Clients: Tim Rozon | Sasha Roiz | Sarah Power | Amanda Walsh | Geoff Pierson | Carlo Rota | Saamer Usmani | Mara Marini | Paul McGillion | Natalie Lisinska |

Vanderwerff Talent

Established by Mirjam Vanderwerff in 2000, Vanderwerff Talent is one of Toronto’s most respected boutique principal agencies, representing children and young adults.

Clients: Donald MacLean Jr. | Alexa Rose Steele | Devan Cohen | Sophi Knight | Carol Huska | Jason Spevack | Jake Sim | Olivia Presti | Jack Fulton | Lyle Lettau

da Costa Talent Management

Founded by Peter da Costa, da Costa represent over 250 actors in both Vancouver and Toronto.

Clients: Troy James | Sash Striga | Madeline Leon | Ellexis Wejr | Jonny Wexler | Kyle Strauts | Cassandra Naud | Roberto Campanella | Jordan Poole | Menina Fortunato

Bella Agency

2 agents and 110+ actors, with the focus being on people – Bella pride themselves in being “boutique” sized as it allows them to foster real relationships with their clients.

Clients: Shailyn Pierre-Dixon | Hannah Gordon | Kent Boyd | Blair Argust | Dana Christina | Alana Schober | Sandy Duarte | Rachel Boyd | Andrew Anthony | Monica Knox 

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