January 31 - February 21, 2023 (Tuesday Night) - SOLD OUT

March 6 - March 28 (Tuesday Night) - LIMITED PLACES




Have you ever wanted to work in the Voice Over Industry, but wondered how to get started? For the first time, one of Australia’s premier Voice Actors, Dorje Swallow (Voice of SBS + Universal Channel) will pass on the tips and tricks that have enabled him to thrive in one of the most competitive, yet rewarding industries in the world.  

You will also be joined by Sound Engineer/Producer Shauna Doyle (ZigZag Lane) and StageMilk CEO and VO producer Andrew Hearle (Sydney Voice Reels/StageMilk.com).

Over four weeks you will be guided through the technical and practical skills you will need to ensure you deliver every time you’re called into the vocal booth.  

This entire course takes place in a state of the art professional studio, with only six students. This makes it by far the most personal voice over course in Sydney. You will finish this course with the skills and confidence you need to tackle this competitive industry.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the leading Voice Over Artists in the country, so places are strictly limited.  

If you have any specific questions, get in touch: [email protected]

Voice Over Masterclass Sydney
voice class sydney

I 'm so thankful I took a chance and signed up for this class. I'd had an inkling to try and dip my toes into voiceover for a while and there couldn't be a better or more supportive environment to learn in than under Andy and Dorje's guidance. The first week was my first time in the booth and it was obvious I was out of my comfort zone - but you get so much time on the mic in these classes that by the last week, I felt so much more at ease with it all. Andy knows what he's doing and he knows who to bring in for their expertise. I'd recommend this course to anyone!  


I can not recommend the voiceover masterclass enough! An in-depth and practical course, exploring many different styles, genres and techniques. With expert advice and feedback, we really got a great insight into what it takes to be a voiceover artist. And with lots of time behind the mic, we were all able to practice our strengths and work on our weaknesses in a safe, encouraging and fun environment. I would happily do it all over again! 


Grace Graznak
Female Voice Over Course

"I took the Voiceover masterclass course with Andrew and Dorje. Absolutely fantastic, covering all aspects including commercials, promos, corporate/documentaries and audio books. So lucky to benefit from Dorje's expertise. Can't recommend it highly enough. Really inspiring. Thank you both."  



voice class sydney

The Structure of the Class  

This four week masterclass is a chance to learn from an industry professional who is still very much active in the industry, as he passes on techniques which have helped ensure his long term survival and success.  

We will be looking at fundamental techniques, including understanding how sight reading, phrasing, microphone technique, inflection, tone and ability to take redirection impact on your read.  

Our Introduction will include understanding basic studio etiquette, and tips on how to build relationships in the industry, before we move onto theory and practice on the different styles of reads you will encounter in the industry:  

A) Radio Commercials B) TV and Cinema Commercials C) TV Promo’s and Cinema trailers D) TV Narration E) Government and Corporate Reads F) Audiobooks and ADR/Lip Sync  

Each 3 hour lesson per week will involve theoretical and technical discussion on these different categories of Voice Work and their individual demands, then the opportunity for each student to work on a scripted example in the studio, in the exact same way it occurs in the industry. Smaller capped classes mean students will get plenty of one on one time to work on their craft in the booth.  

Dorje and Sound engineer Andrew will direct and record your work, and at the end of the 4 weeks you will have a small mini-reel which you may end up using to help complete a full professional Voice Over Demo in the future.  

The 4 week course will finish with advice on home studio setups, tax tips, and future steps you can take to help establish your Voice Over Career.  

This is the Swiss Army Knife of Courses, tailored to a maximum of 4 students per class, with access to your very own studio, personal Sound engineer and working Industry Veteran to guide you through the process.  

Course Dates:  

Starting March 7 (6.30pm - 9.30pm) for 4 weeks. Every TUESDAY night.
March 7, 14, 21, 28


Our course will take place in one of Sydneys premier voice over recording studio - ZigZag Lane in Crows Nest. This is a state of the art recording studio and all four classes will take place here. For any studio enquiries please reach out to Andrew: 0417 627 138 (not the studio directly)



We can't wait to work with you in our upcoming voice over Masterclass. We are only taking 6 places for this course and those places will go, so book today! 

Voice Over Course Price: $880 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $795 

(The most affordable way to get started in the voice over industry) 

Sydney Voice Recordings

YOUR PRODUCER Andrew Hearle: Audio Producer/Voice Artist/Sydney Voice Reels

Andrew Hearle is an acting graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He has worked as a professional actor across film, TV and theatre. He as also worked as a director and teacher for many years.  

Andrew is the founder of StageMilk.com, a leading acting resource website and is the man behind Sydney Voice Reels, one of Sydney's leading voice demo companies. 

Andrew is a trained audio producer who specialises in voice overs. Having produced countless voice over demos and voice overs for companies around Australia he has a natural insight into what makes for a great voice over atist. 

During the course Andrew will be offering insights into the technical side of the industry, as well as working with you in the studio. 


Dorje Swallow: 

Professional Voice Over Artist (RMK Voices)

Dorje is a multi award winning Voice Over Artist, and is currently the voice of SBS (12 years) and Universal Channel (5 years).  

He has won numerous Promaxx and Siren Awards, and in television has been the voice of Showcase (5 years), UKTV (7 years), Movie Network (2), World Movies (7) and Boomerang (2).  

He’s also been the International Voice of Castrol, as well as the Australian Voice Over Artist for American Express, Commbank, Kia, Lenovo and Zuji.  

Other former clients include Mcdonalds, Volkswagon, Mitsubishi, Vodafone, Dominos, MTV, Channel 7, Skoda, Panadol, Mercedes Benz and many more.  

He has voice matched Jim Sturgess in The Owl’s of Gahoole, Justin Timberlake in The Trolls Australian stage show, narrated many Australian and International long form television shows such as World Deadliest Animals and Coastwatch Oz, and voiced numerous audiobooks.  

He has consistently worked in the Voice Over Industry since graduating from NIDA, after beginning in the industry at 11 years old under the guidance of former Creative Head of Australia Radio Network, Shaun Faye.  

He has never passed on any of the knowledge he has garnered from his many years experience as a working Voice Over Artists. Until now. 

Voice Artist Sydney