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What to do before an audition

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You spend the days before thinking about nothing else, and as it gets closer, the excitement and nerves get worse. You’re panicking because auditioning is terrifying. Even seasoned actors still get affected by audition nerves, it’s part of the game. So this what to do before an audition to stay calm, focused and energised? Here are some thoughts:

In the days before the audition

1. Prepare thoroughly.

Preparation is the easiest way to allay nerves. If your lines are rock solid, and you’ve done your acting homework, you’re prepared and at ease. Of course you’ll still be nervous, but you’ll know you’ve done all you can. What this preparation looks like is different for every actor. If you haven’t got a solid technique for how to act, you need to work out your process. This can take time and experimentation, but is paramount moving forward. If you only had short notice to prepare for your audition here’s some tips on learning lines quickly. 

2. Look the part

If you’re like me, when you’re not auditioning you let your beard grow out. It’s time to trim your beard, and get that haircut. Make sure you’re looking your best for the audition. Audition hygiene checklist. Also, start thinking about what you can wear to your audition, that is appropriate and subtly hints towards character.

In the Waiting Room

1. Get off your phone

You sit down and start filling out your measurements on the casting form, hand it in, and get straight on your phone. Stop! Think about your posture, it’s hunched, closed off and introverted. Don’t spend the 10 – 60 minutes waiting like this. Make sure you are sitting up tall, there is a lot of power in how you sit before an audition. Say hello to the other actors, but try to not get too caught up in conversation. Stay focused. Check this out to see the power of body language:

2. Breathe

If you don’t know your lines by now, there’s no hope. So don’t get caught reading and re-reading your lines. Focus on relaxing. Take some deep breaths and do what you can to stay calm and relaxed.

Once you’ve been called into the audition, it’s time to stand tall, and let go. When it’s all done and dusted, here’s what to do after an audition. Hint: let it go.

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