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What to Wear to an Audition

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How you come across in an audition is half the battle. It’s a shame that your acting alone isn’t what will get you the job, but it’s the reality. You want to give your best impression, and that means nailing what to wear. The best advice I’ve ever heard about dressing for auditions is to “hint at character”. You don’t want the casting director, director or producer to have to imagine too hard to find the character they are looking for. Often they will say to not worry about changing facial hair, or wearing anything special, but in truth what you wear to an audition can really impact on your chance of getting the role. So here’s what to wear to an audition:

1. Something Simple

Whatever it is, keep it simple. Don’t go too elaborate. You want to look good, but don’t go wild with makeup, hairdos or anything. Keep it classic. Pattern fabrics can also come across badly on screen and be a distraction. The focus should be your acting.

2. A Good Fit

Sally Flegg, one of Australia’s best headshot photographers, encourages actors to wear slightly tight fitting clothing to photoshoots. Tight fitting clothing just looks better on camera. This is true for when you’re in front of all cameras. As a general rule baggy just doesn’t work on screen.

3. Learn your Colours

By now you probably know what colours suit you, but there is a science to it. Learn your colours. You can actually pay for a full colour assessment and really learn about what works for you. Sounds kind of extreme, but it will last you for the rest of your life. For now simply checking in with a friend what looks good.


what to wear in an audition

4. Hint at Character

As I mentioned above it’s all about “hinting at character”. If you’re auditioning for a business woman, wear something corporate: be neat and formal. If it’s for a rock singer, wear something more casual, hunt down a leather jacket if you can. Just don’t get a neck tattoo. Wearing something that hints at the character gives the casting director a sense of the character. They don’t have to use there imagination. Also makes you feel more the part. Wearing formal shoes feels different to wearing sneakers.

5. Clean

It seems to obvious, but whatever role you’re going for, even the homeless person, make sure you’re clean. We have an audition hygiene checklist you can check out. It sounds silly, but it’s amazing how many actors miss the basics. Being presentable is important. You want to be a breath of fresh air, literally.

6. Feel the part

Wearing something that resembles the character is also great for your acting. It makes you feel more the part. This is particularly true for shoes, which may not be in shot. Wearing formal shoes, for instance, feels different to wearing sneakers. If your character is more formal and stands tall, then find some shoes that support that decision.

7. Comfort

Being comfortable in an audition is paramount. We always talk about how one of the fundamentals of acting is relaxation. If you’re uncomfortable either physically or emotionally, perhaps self conscious about what you’re wearing, you’re not going to do a great audition. And at the end of the day you are more important than what you wear.

I hope this helped you understand more about what to wear to an audition. Check out our video below on dressing for success at auditions.



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