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Acting Classes in LA

Continuing to grow as an actor, working on your craft and developing your technique is absolutely essential to working more in the industry. Even if you have made the big move, landed a sweet gig on a Netflix show and now are mainly concerned with your awards attire, continuing your education as an actor is paramount. Especially if you want to work for Paramount.

Here are some of the best classes in LA for actors. It is also important to do your own research, check reviews and talk to people in the industry before you hand over any cash. There are a lot of charlatans out there trying to squeeze cash out of people. The following list has been well researched by our team, but fact check us too just in case!

Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop (AMAW Studios)

Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop has studios in L.A, New York, Toronto, Sydney, Vancouver, and Atlanta. L.A is where Anthony teaches himself, primarily. To begin, you would audit a class (which is free) and then if you liked what you saw, undertake a 6-week intro-class, not an intro to acting, but an intro to Anthony’s way of working. It is designed to very quickly move you from an actor who “acts” into a person who learns how to embody and live feeling truthfully. After this, if you wanted to continue working at the studio, there is an ongoing weekly class program.
We’d recommend working at the studio in any of the locations, AMAW has collected a wonderful group of coaches from around the world.

Stella Adler Academy

Stella Adler Academy welcomes actors from all around the world, with no need to have previous training, to grow and foster their talent. Students can enrol Full-time, Part-time or take Individual classes. There is SO much on offer here – Adler Technique, Alexander Technique, Audition Skills, Character, Chekhov, Greek Theatre, Improvisation, Movement, Musical, Voice, On-Camera Technique, Scene Study, Script Analysis and even Theatre History. They range from 8 – 16 weeks in length, from 1-4 classes per week.

Andrew Wood Acting Studio

Andrew Wood Acting Studio offers ‘The Essentials Workshop’ – a ten-week course in acting technique and scene study. Courses meet for three hours, weekly in the evenings. In the Essentials Workshop, Andrew Wood presents a revolutionary approach to acting which involves technique, scene study and character study.

The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio (EMAS)

EMAS is a dynamic acting training program for those who want to study the craft of acting in a challenging and inspiring environment. They are known for producing exciting and spontaneous actors, with reliable technique and professionalism. They offer classes in Meisner Technique, Scene Study, On-Camera, various workshops as well as Beginner’s classes.

Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio

Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio offers a few different courses, as well as the option to audit classes. They have classes to cover technique, and the ability to move up from Scene Study 1 – 3 etc. depending on your level.

Margie Haber Studio

With an illustrious alumni list including Brad Pitt, Tiffany Haddish and Vince Vaughn Margie Haber’s studio is well known in the LA area. Teaching a unique approach with her own patented technique for finding imaginative truth in the moment, the Margie Haber Studio offers a 3-week foundation course, followed by intermediate and advanced classes. Once a month, Margie leads a masterclass weekend which sounds pretty extraordinary. They also have a self-taping studio for hire which could be handy for any LA-based actors who need a professional setup.

The Playground

Gary Spatz founded The Playground back in 2005 primarily for child and teen actors looking to improve their craft. He worked as the acting coach for the child stars of Rosanne, Everybody Loves Raymond and Honey I Shrunk the Kids! The Playground looks to foster a sense of freedom and play with a focus on film and television work. They have expanded into adult classes as well and run and range of drop-in and longer form classes in LA.

New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy is an international institution running acting courses at a range of levels, including diplomas and degrees. Most interestingly, because they also have a film school and a directing school attached, actors who sign on to do their 6 or 8-week programs have a calmative experience working with other students from those disciplines to create short films. If you are seeking acting training and on-set experience in a learning environment New York Film Academy offers a pretty unique program in doing so. They also offer classes and summer intensives for international students. Do be aware that they are not the most affordable acting classes on this list, but they do present a unique take on acting training.

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

So you want to go method huh? Well, there is only one place to do that, the home of Method acting in LA if not the world is the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute! Offering 2-week intensives, 12-week ongoing as well as a year-long, 2 years long and an associate degree program. There really is a Method class for you to experience here. The alumni list is truly a sight to behold, Angelina Jolie, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Alec Baldwin and a little known actress by the name of Marilyn Munro just to name a few. While Strasberg’s Method is not for everyone, it would be an incredible technique to experience at its place of origin.

The Sanford Meisner Centre

For every Strasberg Institute, there must be a Meisner Centre. The only institution in the country that Meisner put his name too, the Sanford Meisner Centre is the home of his legendary technique in Los Angeles. Concentrated on finding an actors truth under imaginary circumstances. Their classes centre around a 5-week introductory program with intermediate and professional classes to follow.


LA has hundreds’ more acting classes around and we will continue to update this list as time goes by! If you have a great class or institution that you think we have missed why not email us at [email protected] or comment on this article!

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