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Monologues Unpacked

Monologues Unpacked

Working on a Shakespeare monologue? Here’s our database of Shakespearean monologues that we’ve broken down, translated and explained. We’ve done all the hard work for you!

Get stuck into many of Shakespeare’s iconic monologues and learn how to truly bring them to life. These pages are all broken down by professional actors, who in many cases have played the roles. The monologues unpacked team includes Damien Strouthos, Jess Tovey and Andrew Hearle.

Desdemona Monologue (Act 1, Scene 3)

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Ah, Desdemona. One of Shakespeares‘ most beloved female characters. Known for her unwavering faith, virtuous character and eternal optimism, it can be easy to victimise Desdemona. However, if this short and spicy speech is anything...