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I love plays. A condensed story, conflict, and great writing.

Both watching and reading plays is vital for actors. If you’re an actor you need to engaging with great writing on daily basis. Buy, or rent, a stack of them and get stuck in.

What play should I read?

If you want to know where to get started this is an amazing resource. We made a number of “best of” lists. Kind of like Greatest Hits albums, they are a bit lame, but the best way to learn more about playwrights.

Here is where we list all of the plays on StageMilk. If you want to find information on a specific playwright’s work this is the place to come. We will be constantly expanding this section and adding more information to our large database of plays. Listed here is everything from Shakespeare to Miller.

Get Stuck In

Contemporary American Plays

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…that aren’t the same plays every other person will tell you to read! So here’s the thing. I know for a fact that there are a million lists on the internet telling you about all...

Amazing BIPOC Plays

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Needless to say, there are countless exceptional plays out there written by BIPOC playwrights, but they’re often a little hard to find. Historically, the dominant canon has been very Eurocentric, and therefore, very white. And...

Best One-Person Plays

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Sometimes, less is more.  One-person plays, often called one-man or one-woman shows (which we think is perhaps a bit reductive, so we’re going to call them one-person plays) occupy a unique space in modern theatre....