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Best American Playwrights

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American playwrights have made some of the most significant contributions to theatre. A number of the greatest playwright of all time are American, and so we thought it appropriate to make a list of the best American Playwrights. As always, creating a subjective ‘best of’ list is difficult, however, this is our pick of best American playwrights. You can learn more about any of the playwrights by clicking on their name.

Please let us know what you think of our list below…

Top 10 American Playwrights

Best American Playwrights

Other Great American Playwrights

Neil LaBute (Fat Pig)
David Rabe (In the Boom Boom Room)
T.S. Eliot (The Cocktail Party)
Lorraine Hansberry (A Raisin in the Sun)
James Goldman (The Lion in Winter)
John Patrick Shanley (Doubt)
Tracy Letts (August: Osage County)

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6 responses to “Best American Playwrights”

  1. Matt Higgs says:

    Hi Guys, just noticed that on this page Eugene O’Neill’s plays are listed under David Mamet too.

    cheers …. Matt

  2. Roy Chefets says:

    There is a mistake for number 8.

  3. Samuel Samuel says:

    Thanks guys, page has been updated!

  4. Kristin Clippard says:

    I am disappointed to see there are not more female playwrights on your lists.

    • Bill says:

      You’re disappointed to see there are not more female playwrights on the lists are you? Well maybe you should carry the torch and write several plays as good as these gentleman listed above.

  5. Steven Horwich says:

    Maxwell Anderson, more productive, more versatile, more ambitious than Miller or Williams. George S. Kaufman, again, at least as versatile and interesting as Neil Simon, I think more so.

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