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  • side jobs and hustles for actors

    Side Hustles For Actors

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    So you have started acting. This is it! You’re gonna be a damn millionaire: starring in feature films, touring the world for press—hell yeah, you’re living the dream! Literally, the dream. Waking up from...

  • Subtext

    What is Subtext in Acting?

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    Words unspoken. Meaningful silences. Talking around the subject. In all of human interaction, subtext can be found wherever we need to convey our thoughts and feelings but don’t want to come right out and...

  • Romantic Comedies

    Best Romantic Comedies for Actors

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    Romantic Comedies. Some people absolutely love them and herald performances by some of the greatest actors of all time as the focal point of their value. Other people completely despise them as vacuous, lowest...

  • working internationally as an actor

    How to Work Internationally as an Actor

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    So you wanna follow those thousands of actors before you, pack your life into a suitcase, jump on a bus/boat/plane and go international to really take your acting career to the next level? Love...

  • Best Shakespeare Villains

    Best Shakespeare Villains

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    Hero, villain. White-hat, black-hat. Goodie, baddie. When it comes to the creation of compelling protagonists and antagonists, nobody did it quite like William Shakespeare. Shakespeare understood that a story is only as good as...

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Extra Work for Actors

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“We’re actors; a day spent on set is better than a day spent anywhere else.” That line comes from Carolyn Minnott, played by Jacki Weaver, in The Disaster Artist. If you agree with the sentiment,...