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Audition Information

If you’ve landed here, chances are you have an audition coming up.

Auditions are terrifying. 

They’re terrifying for two reasons:

  1. You have to perform and be vulnerable in front of a casting director, director, producer or all the above.
  2. You want the role. You are an actor and so you want to be working. This pressure can make auditioning a nerve-racking experience.

For guides, articles and resources on every aspect of the auditioning process check out what we have to offer below:

Audition Articles

Best Camera for Self-Tapes

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What camera you use for self-tapes could be the difference between booking a job, and not. If it’s out of focus, the quality is low, the frame rate all over the place – you will...

An Audition Checklist

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got an audition and you think you’re prepared, and hell, maybe you are! But there is no harm in checking yourself before you wreck yourself. This is an audition checklist...