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Actor’s Health

Actor's Health

Keeping physically and mentally healthy is vital as an actor. Here is where we offer tips and advice on Actor’s Health. Being an actor is not just about the work. Even successful actors can have long periods without work. This up and down can really take its toll on actors.

If you’re struggling with burn out, jealousy or anxiety this is a great place to start. Often it’s simply about reframing how you look at your acting career. We offer advice and strategies to start taking control of your health as an actor.

Articles and resources on health and wellbeing for actors: 

5 Smart Actor Snacks

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Usually at StageMilk we talk about providing “acting snacks” – as in quick tips, advice and digestible info – this time, Tahlia is LITERALLY giving you some acting snacks! There are a few invaluable resources...

Even Ryan Reynolds Gets Anxious

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A friend recently sent me an article where Ryan Reynolds admits he suffers from anxiety and it was truly eye opening… (Full article) “I figure if you’re going to jump off a cliff, you might as well...