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Sydney Voice Coaches

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Looking for a voice coach in Sydney? You’re in luck… We’ve put together a list of the best Sydney voice coaches. Enjoy!

Whether you are working on an accent, or trying to improve your resonance, articulation or any other area of your voice, having a session with a voice coach can be hugely beneficial.

We have put together a list of the best Sydney voice coaches to help you find a voice teacher that can help you achieve your goal. If you are looking specially for an accent and dialect coach have a look at the second list.

Trained or untrained, continually working on your voice is essential for actors.

Updated August 29, 2022

Best Voice Coaches in Sydney

The following list of Sydney voice teachers have all been used by the StageMilk team and come highly recommended. Each of the following teachers are very different and so I recommend shooting them an email, or giving them a call, and discussing your goals. Usually you can get a feel for who you want to work with after a quick chat, but you will be in good hands with any of the following teachers…

1. Amy Hume

2. Nick Curnow

3. Melissa Bruder 

4. Linda Nicholls-Gidley

5. Gabrielle Rogers

6. Jennifer White

7. Felicity Jurd

Gabrielle Rogers is now based in the Gold Coast, however, she still teaches occasionally in Sydney and via Skype/Zoom. 

Many of these coaches are working on professional productions or at institutions, so they may not always be available for private sessions. 

Accent Placement

Best Accent and Dialect Coaches in Sydney

Most voice coaches have a good understanding of accents and dialects, but here are our recommendations for accent and dialect coaches in Sydney. All of these coaches are fantastic:

1. Amy Hume

2. Jennifer White

3. Melissa Bruder

4. Nick Curnow 

5. Bill Pepper

6. Felicity Jurd (RP)

7. Katherine Beck (General American)

8. Paige Walker (General American)

Why see a voice or dialect coach?

Having a strong and flexible is vital for actors, especially theatre actors.

Your voice is one of your main assets as an actor and working on your voice with a top coach will help you develop your voice. It’s also important to develop a daily practice for you voice. Working on your voice, even just for a few minutes a day, will have huge benefits. So get working!

Voice Resources

We have plenty of voice resources on the site, so we recommend exploring all we have to offer:

An incredible voice warm up (For a comprehensive voice warm up)

Articulation exercises (Great exercises and tongue-twisters to improve articulation)

Voice Acting (Looking for a career in voice over? Check this article out)

Voice Exercise from Gabrielle Rogers [Video]

Here is Gabrielle Rogers, one of our favourite voice coaches in Australia, sharing a quick vocal exercise to improve your voice


Your voice. Your acting. Your movement. These are all interconnected. If you find expression in your voice, you find expression in your acting. If you find clarity in your articulation, you are finding clarity in your thoughts. Working with a professional voice coach is a great step towards unlocking your vocal potential. So do it.

Lesson: develop your voice and it will pay dividends.

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2 responses to “Sydney Voice Coaches”

  1. Avatar Todd Sampson says:

    I looking for a private voice coach to improve my VO for my documentaries. Can you make any recommendations? I live in sydney.

  2. Avatar Cec Busby says:

    I love your recommendations and videos.
    I also want recommend Natasha McNamara as an amazing voice and accent coach.
    She is wonderful to work with and is highly regarded in the industry.

    Also I believe Bill Pepper is not teaching any more.

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