How to Get a Role Without Auditioning

How to Get a Role Without Auditioning

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Receiving an offer to play a part without having to jump through the usual hoops is every actor’s dream. But how do you get a role without auditioning?

It can be easy. And it can be very, very hard.

After countless conversations with actors here are the things you have to do to get a role without auditioning.

Be Famous

Duhh. No seriously, if you can be, be famous. Most famous actors don’t audition for roles, they get offered or begged to play parts.  

The Imitation Game

Be Consistently Good

If you want to land roles without auditioning you have to be consistently good in your other auditions. Be good, not necessarily great, but definitely not bad. Occasionally casting directors are asked to cast roles without time for auditions. If you want to be one of the lucky few that get a role this way, do your work for every audition and make sure that your acting is consistently good.

Be on Time

Sounds simple right? You would be surprised at how many people run late or completely miss auditions because they got stuck in traffic or the barista took too long making their coffee. Professionals that can’t be at a certain place at a certain time aren’t professionals. If you want a role without auditioning, be on time, all the time.


Reading for auditions isn’t glamorous work but it does get you in the room. Developing relationships with casting directors by helping them out with auditions will definitely help you land a role without auditioning. Do yourself a favour and ask your agent to put you forward for reading work, especially during pilot season.


Create Your Own Content

Have you been waiting for years to play your dream role? Why wait? Seriously! Create your own work. When you make your own content you can cast yourself in whatever role you like. Interestingly, it will also improve your chances of being cast in a similar role without auditioning. Here’s how: Producers and Directors love known quantities; once you demonstrate your ability to play a type of character, it makes you infinitely more castable in the future.

If you are consistently good, always reliable, self motivated and even a little bit famous, you will start to get roles without auditioning – I promise.

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