Director's Chair | Lee Lewis Interview

Director’s Chair | Lee Lewis Interview

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So in this latest Director’s Chair interview we had the privilege of chatting with Lee Lewis, Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Company. Griffin Theatre Company is the leading theatre company in Australia for creating new Australian works. We spoke with Lee over the phone about heading up this fantastic company, how she finds new work, how she stays inspired, and her advice for young actors. I have loosely broken the interview down into some of the questions I asked in the show notes below. Though I sound like a bumbling idiot, Lee offers an array of sage advice and is just an all-round inspiration. Have a listen to our Lee Lewis Interview below:

Show notes:

1.41 – A little bit about Lee Lewis
2.35 – Why is it important to create new Australian work?
5.05 – What is the process for you to find new work?
12.40 – Why did you choose theatre as your medium of expression?
21.50 – What is your advice for actors just starting out?
26.30 – What kept you going creatively in between jobs?
37.00 – What is the value of independent theatre companies and smaller theatre companies?
38.25 – What is the goal of theatre?

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