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Welcome to our Shakespeare monologue hub! If you are looking for a new Shakespeare monologue for an audition, or just for fun/practice, you have come to the right place. We have compiled two comprehensive lists of what we consider to be the best male and female Shakespeare monologues. We also have specific lists of monologues for each of Shakespeare’s major plays. This means that if you have an interest in a particular play or character you can quickly see different options for monologues.

To start browsing our massive Shakespeare monologue resources, simply select either the male or female link below. Remember that “male” and “female” are only a starting point and don’t feel restricted by gender.

Shakespearean Monologues:

Shakespeare Portrait

For both sets of monologues you are able to view the full text (accurately punctuated by StageMilk) as well as see the act and scene number of each monologue. We have carefully selected these pieces and believe they represent the best Shakespeare monologues.

Male Shakespeare Monologues

Female Shakespeare Monologues

Monologues Unpacked (Incredible Resource)

We unpack and analyse the major Shakespeare monologues for you!

This is one of the most exciting additions to StageMilk in the last few years. We have individual breakdowns of many of the iconic monologues and soliloquies from Shakespeare’s plays. If you want to get more help with a specific monologue check out the link below…

Learn more: Shakespeare Monologues Explained

How to Select the Perfect Shakespeare Monologue

Remember to always pick a monologue that you have a natural connection with. If you resonate with the piece and feel comfortable performing it then that’s the way to go. I would also always aim to pick something active. By that, I mean a monologue where you are doing something to another character or to the audience. If a monologue is too reflective or philosophical it can be harder to bring it to life in an audition. A final hack is to not feel limited to Shakespeare’s major plays and explore monologues from his lesser-known works.

For information on how to better perform Shakespearean text check out How to Act Shakespeare.

If you are looking for a contemporary monologue, we also have pages for male monologues and female monologues.

Good luck finding an awesome Shakespeare monologue! If you need any help you can always get in touch with us directly.

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