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Our vision ‘Theatre without borders’ is put into action every day as we perform in Sydney, around the country and around the world; as we partner with other organisations and other art form practitioners to explore the edges of theatre practice; and as we continue to inspire theatre appreciation and participation not only in theatres but schools, community halls – wherever people get together.

Beyond its creative ambitions as an artistic entity, the Company is also mindful of its place as a leading Australian arts organisation. Our position and scale challenge us to promote the place of art in Australian society through advocacy and the activation of our networks. We provide experiences to audiences, but we also want to help build ongoing artistic capacity amongst the individuals and communities with which we interact. We play a part in making a creative, forward-thinking and sociable future by engaging with young people, students and teachers. And we also celebrate and explore the traditional role of theatre as a place for the discussion of the great ideas of the day.

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