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Acting Books

Acting Books

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This is a list of the best acting books out there. Of course acting books are very subjective. Sometimes you can read one and get very little out of it, whilst someone else can read the same acting book and have their perspective of acting changed forever. The lesson – read them all!

Actors sometimes struggle to summon the motivation to read acting books as they tend not to be the most riveting of reads. However, I would recommend reading as many of these acting books as you can bear as they are all fantastic and very useful. They each offer differing ideas and approaches to acting; some are practical and some more theoretical. If you are able to read a few of these acting books, your approach to acting would change drastically. As you have probably experienced with acting, sometimes one small insight can completely shift the way you act.

Best Acting Books

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2 responses to “Acting Books”

  1. Gai Jones says:

    I would like to recommend a newly published book THE STUDENT ACTOR PREPARES: ACTING FOR LIFE. This is published by; it is a reflevtive and creative inquiry for the solo actor or an entire classroom which is led by a teacher. It is suitable for middle, high school, college, and professional actors.

  2. Marty P says:

    I recommend “ACTING WITHOUT AGONY” by Don Richardson (2nd Edition) This is NOT Meisner or Method. Published in 1988, you can pick up a used copy on ebay or some other used book store.

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