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Acting Agents in New York

Here’s a list of the top Talent Agents in New York.


Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

With a talent list of over 3000 actors including Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jennifer Laurence, Eddie Redmayne, and Johnny Depp, CAA is the best talent agency in the world. If you are lucky enough to sign onto their books, you are one film away from fame and fortune.


William Morris Endeavor (WME)

Like most of the agencies in this list WME is known for bringing talent together. Their books comprise of an incredibly strong roster of over 4500 actors, directors, producers, and writers. Their acting talent includes Felicity Jones, Ben Affleck, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel McAdams, and Matthew McConaughey. WME is definitely one of the best talent agencies in LA and the world.



ICM Partners

Representing actors isn’t just about finding them auditions and getting 10% of their pay-check. ICM partners are one of the best talent agencies in the world because they find actors, attach them to a film, produce the film, and then aggressively sell the film. They have been the sales representative for countless independent and mainstream films. Their acting talent includes megastars Megan Fox, Christina Hendricks, Pamela Anderson, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L Jackson.



United Talent Agency (UTA)

Ever heard of Chris Pratt, Alexandra Daddario, James Franco, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Harrison Ford? UTA represents some of the biggest powerhouse actors in Hollywood. And as you can see they have depth. Depth is essential for the development of new talent. Agents attach rising stars to the coat tails of established actors and which boosts them into the spotlight.


Paradigm Talent Agency

Paradigm is a top-tier agent that is well known for fostering the careers of many of our best loved film and TV stars. Paradigm is one of the most versatile and innovative agents in New York, with offices all around the world as well.


The Gersh Agency

Gersh has a bunch of fresh and exciting talent whose television roles have launched their international film careers. Adam Driver and Meghan Markle to name a few. They also represent some life long big hitters like Jean-Claud Van Damme, Jamie Foxx, and Meg Ryan. The Gersh Agency has fought it’s way onto our list of the best talent agencies in NY by representing some of our favourite actors.



Agency for the Performing Arts (APA)
Abrams Artists Agency
Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty (CESD)
Daniel Hoff Agency
Innovative Artists
Clear Talent Group
Media Artists Group
DDO Artists Agency
Metropolis Artists Agency
Stewart Talent
Avalon Artists

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