Artist Heart… Business Brain?

Artist Heart… Business Brain?

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Does the idea of branding put you off?

I get it.

If Vincent Van Gogh had to think about branding he might have chopped off both his ears and maybe even ripped out his eyes…

The thought of selling art is reductive – the immeasurable glory that comes with creating from the soul can leave us indifferent about how others perceive its value.

I have consulted with countless artists (actors etc.) who all share a sacred honour when it comes to the protection of their artistic soul. And rightfully so.

Artists are in tune with their emotions, they are supremely empathic and emotionally intelligent, sensitive and creative – they are all “heart”. What strikes me time and time again- and truth be told- confuses me, is the sheer indifference with which some regard the same sacred honour for their “business brain”, as though this part of their humanity belongs only to “suits” and “sell outs”.

It’s a total cop out!

What you say you are is one-third of how people perceive your brand.

You must try to see yourself from an outsiders’ perspective, because you are perceived as the sum of all your parts.


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One version of your brand is subjective (unique to you), the other is objective (unique to others).

The exchange of personality that takes place between you and them is called Branding.

The thing to ask as an artist is: “how true is my experience of their experience, of me?”

This may involve some experimentation – seeking out peoples’ opinions of you –good or bad – and just holding back from interjecting to hear how they see you first.

Once your and their experience aligns – you can define that exchange – decipher the part of your personality that resonates truthfully – that becomes your brand.

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