Australian Theatre Companies

Australian Theatre Companies

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Here is a list of all the major Australian theatre companies. Australia produces some wonderful and diverse theatre, so make sure you get along to see as many productions as you can by any of these great Australian Theatre Companies. Most Australian theatre companies offer a mixture of classical and contemporary plays throughout their seasons, so keep an eye out. Their are a number of smaller theatre companies in Australia, which also put on some great work; however, this page is made up predominantly of the larger and more established theatre companies.

To find out more, visit the Theatre Companies’ site by clicking on the link below.

New South Wales


Major NSW Theatre Companies

Sydney Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Andrew Upton

Belvoir St Theatre
Artistic Director: Ralph Myers

Griffin Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Lee Lewis

Ensemble Theatre
Artistic Director: Sandra Bates and Mark Kilmurry

Bell Shakespeare Company
Artistic Director: Peter Evans

Independent NSW Theatre Companies

Sport for Jove Theatre Company
Pantsguys Production Company
Sydney Independent Theatre Company
New Theatre
Kings Collective


Major Victorian Theatre Companies

Melbourne Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Brett Sheehy

Malthouse Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Matthew Lutton

La Mama Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Liz Jones 

Independent Victorian Theatre Companies

Red Stitch Actors Theatre


Queensland Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Wesley Enoch

La Boite Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Todd MacDonald

Western Australia

Black Swan Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Kate Cherry

Perth Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Melissa Cantwell

Barking Gecko Theatre Company
Artistic Director: John Sheedy

South Australia

State Theatre Company of South Australia
Artistic Director: Geordie Brookman

Windmill Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Rosemary Myers


Tasmanian Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Charles Parkinson 

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