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Star Wars Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups

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Let the Force Awaken Your Enunciation:

Whether you’re giving speeches for the Rebel Alliance or trying to emote your best Shakespeare, don’t mumble like a wookiee, you laser brain. Here are a few tongue twisters and mighty mouthfuls I whipped up to help you warm up your vocal muscles before a performance. If you can master the first, the rest should be as breezy as Cloud City. May the Force speak with you.

See to R2-D2
To see to R2-D2 as R2-D2 sees to you would be a degree too hard to agree to due to R2-D2’s attitude.


Crooked Wookiee
The crooked wookiee hooked on cookies sought a self-help book. And in its pages by age-old sages, Yoda’s wise advice he took.


Super-Duper Storm Troopers
Super-duper storm troopers whoop it up at Death Star groupers: helmet thrashing, rebel bashing, laser blasting at party poopers.

Ewok Schlock
How much schlock would an ewok hock if an ewok could hock schlock? Could droids ignore gadgets galore on sale in Endor’s sole store?

Tatooine Cantina
You have never schemed over Bestine tea in a Tatooine cantina until you have seen smattered smithereens of Greedo, that green hyena.

Java Jawas
Java-drinking jawas, jittery with Jedi drama, dribble java on their pajamas when juggling jibes on Jabba’s jibbering-jabbering mama.


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One response to “Star Wars Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups”

  1. K. Miller says:

    These are wonderful! I just started the new semester with some reluctant kids and I think they’ll love them. Thanks!

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