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The actor’s main instrument is his or her voice. Having command over your voice will take your acting to the next level. Having a strong, flexible and open voice will help you act better and lead to you landing more roles.

Developing your voice involves two things: a strong daily practice and vocal technique. The only way to improve your voice is to work on it, but it’s important to be using good techniques.

That’s what this section of the site is all above: improving your voice using correct vocal techniques. All our resources are backed by industry experts and we are proud to share our insights  with you all.

Check out our in-depth vocal warm ups and exercises, as well as articles on how to get the most out of your voice and voice over acting.

Vocal Resources for Actors

Voice Acting

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Let's cut straight to the chase: voice acting is lucrative, fun, and every actor's dream. How do you get gigs...

Articulation Exercises

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As an actor, or singer, it is important to develop your articulation. Many emerging performers—especially those without formal training—can struggle to develop these skills; alarmingly, even more performers discredit their importance with the thinking that...