Toronto Casting Directors

Toronto Casting Directors

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Here’s a list of Casting Directors based in Toronto. This is by no means a ranked list, but instead a resource for actors based in Toronto, or looking to move to Toronto. We always encourage you to do your own research as well. Let’s get into it:

Lisa Parasyn Casting

Jon Comerford (Casting Director)
Lisa Parasyn (Casting Director)

An award winning casting director, most recently for “Bomb Girls” at the 2014 Canadian Screen
Awards. She has also been nominated for a Society of America Award, and and two Gemini Awards. She’s been in the industry for over 30 years and has cast over the years she has worked on many projects that have achieved critical and audience acclaim, including HBO’s ‘Call Me Fitz,’ Showcase/SyFy’s ‘Lost Girl,’ and ‘Schitts Creek’

Dayton/Walters Casting

Sherry Dayton (Casting Director)
Michael Walters (Casting Director)

Dayton/Walters cast a very diverse range of projects in the Toronto area. With credits from ‘Inspector Gadget’ to ‘Book of Mormon’ they have a diverse range of interests across the animation, TV and theatre landscape. In operation since 2005 they also cast a large amount of commercials as well.

Deirdre Bowen Casting

Deirdre Bowen (Casting Director)

Nominated for her first Emmy way back in 1999, Dierdre Bowen is a mainstay of the Vancouver industry. Known for A History of Violence (2005), Cube (1997), Repo Men (2010), Blindness (2008) and more recently the hit show Vikings. Can we all take a quick minute just to contemplate the genius weirdness of Cube? So good. So weird. Thanks Deirdre!

Diane Kerbel

Diane Kerbel (Casting Director)

Diane Kerbel has cast RoboCop (2014), Bulletproof Monk (2003), Cinderella Man (2005), The Thing (2011). She predominately works in film and television and is largely responsible for the casting in the hit 90s film ‘Dick’ which is classic in my humble opinion.

Stephanie Gorin Casting

Stephanie Gorin (Casting Director / Owner)

Stephanie has been casting in Toronto for over 20 years, has 3 Gemini nominations. She is known for her work on the ‘Saw’ series and she recently won an Emmy for her work on the Fargo mini-series. Which is one of the best series knocking around on Netflix! Other notable credits include: Aladdin (2019), Hairspray (2007) and the Taken TV series (2017–2018).

Millie Tom Casting

Millie Tom (Casting Director)

Millie Tom is well known to the Toronto film world. She has cast a bunch of film and television including: The Incredible Hulk (2008), RED (2010), 16 Blocks (2006), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) – which incidentally is one of my favourite films of all time. In keeping with the 8-bit nature of that film, she has also cast a bunch of video games including: ‘Assassins Creed’, ‘Far Cry’ and ‘Splinter Cell’

Ron Leach Casting

Ron Leach (Casting Director)

Ron is one of Canada’s leading Casting Directors of independent film, TV, theatre & commercials. His list of credits is massive and he is a big voice in the industry, Ron is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion; past president of the Dora Mavor Moore award-winning Acme Theatre Company. Credits include: The Marsh (2006), Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti (2016), Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way (1997)

Marissa Richmond

Marissa Richmond (Casting Director)

Primarily focussed on television Marissa Richmond has cast some prolific shows on network television and streaming services in North America. She is best known for Flashpoint (2008-2012), Durham County (2007-2010), 19-2 (2015-2017), Tom Stone (2002)

Forrest and Forrest Casting

Sharon Forrest (Casting Director)
Susan Forrest (Casting Director)

Susan and Sharon Forrest have been prolific in the Toronto scene over the last few years. They are best know for: Mutant X (2001-2002), Rogue (2015-2017), Orphan Black (2013-2017), Bury the Lead (2004-2005). Orphan Black had massive international success and they have been swamped by projects ever since!

Tina Gerussi

Tina Gerussi (Casting Director)

Tina Gerussi is known for her work on Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Boondock Saints, Good Will Hunting, the Transporter TV series and more recently for Suicide Squad back in 2016. Her TV credits are very impressive as well with Suits (2011–2018) and The Romanoffs (2018) topping a long list of well known shows.

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