Measure for Measure Monologues | Monologues for Men and Women
Measure for Measure Monologues

Measure for Measure Monologues

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Measure for Measure is a complex play. Referred to as one of Shakespeare’s problem plays, as it doesn’t neatly fall into the bracket of Tragedy or Comedy, it offers unique challenges for actors. If you are looking for a monologue from this great, but complex play, we’re here to help.

These are our favourite Measure for Measure monologues for both men and women. I recommend reading as many as you can and then sitting with it for a few days. You want to find a monologue that you connect with and feel you could perform confidently.

Measure for Measure Monologues for Men

Measure for Measure (Act 2 Scene 2)
Measure for Measure (Act 2 Scene 4)
Claudio (Act 3 Scene 1)
Duke (Act 3 Scene 1)

Measure for Measure Monologues for Women

Measure for Measure (Act 2 Scene 4)
Measure for Measure (Act 5 Scene 1)

Measure for Measure monologues for men

Working on your Measure for Measure Monologue

Measure for Measure is more complex than most of Shakespeare’s plays so it’s important to work on clarity. Always work through your Shakespeare monologue slowly and diligently.

If there are unfamiliar words, or references, look them up. Read the play many times and have an opinion on it. Bring your unique ideas to the monologue. For more on preparing a Shakespeare monologue.

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