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Best Lucy Prebble Plays

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Lucy Prebble has been considered one of the most significant playwrights of her generation, writing some key plays that have been frequently labelled “cerebral”. Her play ENRON garnered an Olivier Award nomination for Best New Play and her play The Effect won the 2012 Critics’ Circle Award for Best Play. In 2018 Prebble was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in its “40 under 40 initiative”.

A UK playwright, Prebble grew up in Surrey with a father who worked in IT and a mother who worked in a school. She studied English at the University of Sheffield, during this time she wrote a short play Liquid that won the PMA Most Promising Playwright Award.

Finding early success, Prebble has gone on to write consistently for the theatre in the UK, as well as adapt and write original scripts for the screen. She found success writing for television for the first two seasons of Diary of a Call Girl. Later, she became a co-executive producer and writer for the HBO Series Succession which has received great acclaim.

Top Five Plays by Lucy Prebble

  1. ENRON (2009)
  2. The Effect (2012)
  3. The Sugar Syndrome (2003)
  4. A Very Expensive Poison (2019)
  5. Liquid (2002)

Lucy Prebble Quotes

“If you look to writing stuff down, if you’re driven to do that rather than to say something to somebody, maybe it’s because saying it doesn’t achieve the effect you want. And the writing it down, and separating it from yourself, gives you — for me, I think this is very true — the authority that you worry you lack in person.”

“For me as writer, there is as much, if not more, to gain from an experience of great failure as there is from success.”

“In theatre there is always a lot of very tasteful, refined work, I wouldn’t be dismissive of that. But it doesn’t feel very representative of life at the moment, which feels to me quite ugly and lacking taste and unrefined. Rambunctious.”

“I am not the sort of writer who wants to have plays on all the time, exploring aspects of me. I think it is a big ask to get people to come out spending money and sit in these seats. I think I won’t bother people unless it feels quite important. And this to me felt quite important.”

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