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Sydney Headshot Photographers

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This is a list of our favourited Sydney-based headshot photographers. All the headshot photographers listed here we have either worked with personally or have come highly recommended. Before booking in with a photographer we recommend you check the following three things:

First, the price is within your budget. Acting headshots are usually around the $400/$450 mark, I wouldn’t spend much more than this if you’re just starting out. However, if you love a certain photographer’s work, and you can afford it, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

Second, make sure you check out their work. All headshot photographers on this list have websites (and Instagram), so take a thorough look at their work and see if you like their style. Everyone on this list is awesome, but whose work resonates with you? It can also be good to look through the websites of acting agents to see what you like. Once you find a great headshot, do some digging and see who they used.

Finally, consult with your agent. Agents often will have certain photographers they like – listen to them, as they are the ones using the headshot to get you work.

StageMilk Complete Headshot Guide

I would also recommend asking other actors, to get an insight into what it was like working with certain headshot photographers. It is so important that you are comfortable with the photographer you use.

I have had plenty of headshot sessions over the years, so I’ve used some personal shots to give you examples where I can (embarrassing, I know!). This should give you some idea of their style, though make sure you check out their work in more depth as even a great photographer struggles to make this noggin look good!

Updated January 25th, 2021

Best Headshot Photographers in Sydney

#1 Sally Flegg

Sally Flegg is one of Sydney’s most well-known headshot photographers. She has photographed many of Australia’s leading film, TV and theatre actors, and is constantly in demand. Her waitlist is usually around 3 months or longer! Sally is incredibly open and relaxed and creates a really supportive environment for actors. Taking a headshot can be really uncomfortable and she knows that. Sally has a wonderful studio and works with you to create a beautiful, and appropriate headshot. Her shots are natural and she knows what works. Most agents and managers recommend their actors work with Sally Flegg because of this reason.

Here are some shots I did with Sally in 2017: 

Sally Flegg Photography

#2 Marnya Rothe

Marnya Rothe took my headshots a few years ago, and I really loved how they turned out. She is fantastic to work with and is quickly becoming recognised as one of the best headshot photographers around town. She is extremely relaxed and makes you feel very comfortable, which is really important. Marnya has a studio in St Peters, and also shoots on location with her clients. Here is one of the shots from our session:

Sydney Headshot Photographers

#3 Luke Stambouliah

Luke Stambouliah took my headshots straight after leaving drama school – and I thought they were great! He is an absolute gem and has a very relaxing presence that is infectious. Luke is a fantastic choice for headshots and very affordable. For me, his shots are always really simple, and warm. Here are some shots he took of me many, many moons ago:

Luke Stambouliah Headshots

#4 Alex Vaughan

I have never personally worked with Alex Vaughan, but Indiana from the StageMilk team had a wonderful experience shooting with Alex. Alex is very talented and her shots often have a more ‘editorial’ feel to them. She also shoots musicians and artists. Alex is one of the most expensive photographers on this list, but I think you’ll find it’s worth it. Here are some of Indiana’s shots from her session a few years back:



#5 Kate Williams

Feeling relaxed in a photoshoot is the most important factor in creating a good shot, and I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. She is professional, thorough and of course, takes great photos. Kate has been building a reputation over the past couple of years and is increasingly in high demand. Kate is also a fantastic actor in her own right, which gives her a unique insight into what you are going through and how best to represent you in a headshot. Here’s one of my shots that Kate took:

Kate Williams

#6 StageMilk Headshots

Our in-house photographer, Indiana, offers affordable headshots in Sydney – either in the studio or on location.

Indy Headshot photographer

Book in here.

Other Great Headshot Photographers in Sydney: 

  • Kathy Luu
  • Nicole Schumacher
  • Rebecca Hitch
  • Mansoor Noor
  • Amelia J Dowd (based in Sydney & Melbourne)
  • Marcus Walters
  • Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis
  • Rose-May Photography

Headshot Tips

  1. Always take along at least four or five different outfits to try on. I was told a simple dark coloured t-shirt works best, but I don’t think there are any set rules. Just take some options and see what works best on the shoot.
  2. Go into the shoot with some ideas in mind, you can even take some reference images along with you.
  3. If you’re not confident in doing your own makeup, hire someone to do your hair and makeup for you on the day.
  4. Take hairspray and translucent powder!

For more tips, check out our Complete Guide to a Great Headshot 

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