How to Audition for Home and Away
How to Audition for Home and Away

How to Audition for Home and Away

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So you’re a huge fan of the show, maybe you’ve taken some acting classes, and now you want to sail away to Summer Bay and join the Home and Away cast! Sounds simple enough. But not many people know how to get an audition for Home and Away. Luckily, we do! You’ve come to the right place. Here are our tips on how to get an audition for Home & Away.


Getting your face onto millions of television screens in Australia and the UK isn’t easy. You need to prepare. Take some acting classes, any acting classes. It’s important to have a solid understanding of the acting process before auditioning for a major show. If you’re still in school, ask your drama teacher for some private acting lessons.

Your preparation should also include a fitness routine. Home and Away is full of incredibly fit and attractive people. So if you want to complete with some of the most glamorous actors in Australia, get fit!

A professional headshot is also a major part of the preparation process. It might cost a little bit more than you expect, but it’s your calling card; it needs to be professional!



Get an agent

If you are planning on getting an audition for Home and Away, you’re going to need an agent. Being cast in a soap like Home and Away takes more than just good looks. It takes diplomacy. Have a look at the actors union website for a list of recommended agents. If you have friends who are actors, ask for a referral to their agency. Some agents are better than others, but most are better than freelancing.


If you’ve landed on this page you probably already watch Home and Away. If you don’t – you should! Binge watch all the latest episodes to get you up to speed with what’s going on in Summer Bay.

Understanding the context of your audition scenes will give your performance detail; detail that other people’s auditions won’t have.


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Audition for Home and Away!

This is the big one. Mullinars Casting Consultants are the one and only portal to a Home & Away audition. We highly recommend contacting them through your agent. If you are freelancing don’t email and directly ask for an audition, ask for a meet and greet (AKA a “go-see”). Once you have made a connection at Mullinars, cross your fingers! That’s about all you can do 🙂 Good luck!

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  1. Jack Mc Carthy says:

    Hi, my name is jack I’m from Ireland I’m 14 years old I’m used of acting in front of crowds and I would love if ye got back to me as I would the the opportunity to be on home and way thank you.

  2. Skye says:

    Hi my name is Skye, I’m 16 in 4 months I’m very confident with my acting in front of large amounts of people and very people friendly I live in QLD Australia. I would love for you to get back to me as a young and possibly being in home and away is my passion

  3. Dannielle Tracey says:

    Hey my name is Dannielle, I’m from Adelaide and would love the opportunity to be on home and away, it’s my favourite tv show!

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